FULL DSE SERIES WEBINAR: Enhancing the Transit Customer Experience with Digital Signage


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Enhancing the Transit Customer Experience with Digital Signage is the second installment of the DSE Webinar Series leading up to 2018’s conference and trade show. It was moderated by Mass Transit’s Executive Editor, Leah Harnack, with presenters Doug Anderson, Director of ITS for LA Metro and Alex Fay, Vice President of Business Development at Syncromatics discussing the most common applications and skill sets of digital signage in a transit venue and how to best engage customers. Check out the recording below for the entire webinar presentation.



Leah Harnack picSpeaker Bios: Leah Harnack has been with Mass Transit magazine since the beginning of 2006, previously at Kalmbach Publishing Co. She has received numerous awards for editorial coverage while at Mass Transit, including Cygnus Business Media’s Best Profile Article from a judging panel from the University of Indiana and Min editorial awards for best video series. A native of Southeastern Wisconsin, it wasn’t until she stayed with he rbrother while he was stationed in Utrecht, Netherlands that she saw what public transit and mobility options can do for a community. 

Doug Anderson - DSE Advisory BoardDoug Anderson is a native-born Californian. He was hired in response to a board motion made by Los Angeles Mayor and Board President Eric Garcetti for the creation of a strategic technology department to advance new technologies focused on improving the customer experience in transit. Currently, Anderson is exploring outreach to transit customers via a number of technologies including equipping the fleet of vehicles with Wi-Fi and digital displays, adding a social media component to the mobile trip planner and adopting ibeacons for use in wayfinding and gamification applications.

Alex Fay is the Vice President of Business Development at Syncromatics. He developed his passion for technology, infrastructure and local government as an undergraduate at UCLA and early in his career as a technology advisor to the Mayor of Los Angeles. Now, Fay’s curiosity and problem solving skills help Syncromatics’ clients create transportation solutions across the United States. Hailing from a small town, Fay is proud to help communities of all sizes use technology to enhance mobility and quality of life.

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