FULL INTEL-SPONSORED WEBINAR: Analytics & Engagement – Driving Increased Sales & Enhancing Customers’ Experience


Industries have been gathering point-of-sales and web metrics data for quite some time to better understand their customers.  But, what if you could use analytics and engagement to immediately personalize the customer’s experience while they are in the store?  What if you could use the analytics to enhance the customers’ engagement with your product and increase sales?  This webinar with Christie Rice from Intel and Bjorn Talbot and Jay Hutton from Vsblty expands on the role of analytics and interaction in the store and how both can be used to help drive sales and stay competitive.

Talking points include:

  • The transformation of digital experiences across verticals through analytics
  • How to create interactive “digital signs” in places and ways you hadn’t thought of
  • How digital experiences personalize a consumer’s experience
  • Proven data points on how this is transforming the industry and increasing sales
  • and so much more

Director Digital Signage and Kiosks Internet of Things Group Intel CorporationSpeaker Bios: Christie Rice is the segment director responsible for Intel’s digital signage and interactive kiosk business worldwide in the Internet of Things Group at Intel. In her role, she works to ensure that Intel technology meets the ever-changing needs of the digital signage market.  She also works closely with the broad and expanding ecosystem to help connect customers to technology providers and help promote solutions that provide the immersive and interactive experience that customers demand. Before assuming her current role, Rice’s 20 years at Intel included various technical, product, business development and marketing management positions across a broad range of products and segments including memory, PCs, storage, networking and IoT. Christie holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Dallas, a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University.

Jay Hutton – Principal, Founding Member Arrowstone VenturesAs a VSBLTY Founding Member, Jay Hutton is helping guide the path of this visionary software company, and at the same time, he brings the financial acumen to the team to evaluate both market opportunities and planning for worldwide growth. Hutton draws on his many years of experience as a seasoned software and private equity executive with a career spanning more than 25 years and a profound understanding of digital display media. Hutton began his career at Gandalf Technologies, an Ottawa-based pioneer of data-communications technology in 1988. He later served as VP of Ascend Communications during their rapid growth, public offering and ultimate sale to Lucent Technologies in 1999. He then joined a small venture firm that had invested in a telecommunications start-up. Hutton was appointed to CEO of that business. He led that company from start-up, IPO, worldwide expansion and eventually exit. Capitalizing on this successful run, Hutton created Arrowstone Ventures, a consultancy that works with emerging companies to identify breakthrough opportunities in technology. Prior to VSBLTY, Hutton pioneered the introduction of electronic payment options to New York City’s13,000 taxicabs that also functioned as an in-vehicle media outlet for local news and weather.

Bjorn Talbot of VSBLTYBjorn Talbot comes from an eclectic background; published physicist, entrepreneur and advertising professional. Talbot has a passion for innovation and technology and has worked on some of the most cutting-edge data projects from fusion research to the first interactive visualization of clustered data in virtual reality. As Director of Analytics at VSBLTY, Talbot oversees insights and development of data products, driving new discoveries in research, analytical product capabilities and client reporting.


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