FULL PANASONIC WEBINAR – DSruptive: The Digital Signage Trends Changing the Tech Landscape


Title: DSruptive: The Digital Signage Trends Changing the Tech Landscape

Summary: Digital signage, once static screens meant solely to inform passersby, has slowly shifted into newer, more dynamic applications designed to engage audiences. In this session, Jim Harger provides an overview of the digital signage landscape with a focus on the newest, most promising disruptive technologies available. He examines the pros and potential cons of each technology and explains their suitability for various applications. Additionally, Harger discusses why some promising deployments fail or fall short of their potential as well as best practices for effectively harnessing the full power of these disruptive technologies to empower smarter decision making in your business or institution.

Digital signage solutions are constantly evolving and promising more and more engagement. But what are the most impactful emerging technologies out there, and how can you employ them? Whether you are an early adopter, a future-proofer or just want to stay informed, this session will help you:

  • Understand the current digital signage landscape and the evolving goals and back-end technologies involved in a typical digital signage solution
  • Learn about the top new technologies disrupting digital signage, the pros and cons of each, and relevant applications
  • Discover best practices for deploying these new technologies, especially as it relates to harnessing the power of data-driven decision making


Jim HargerSpeaker Bio:  Jim Harger is a Business Development Manager for Panasonic’s Commercial Flat Panel team. He joined Panasonic eight years ago and focuses on flat panel display solutions across a variety of applications throughout the commercial B2B space. He is passionate about using display solutions to both engage patrons and simplify the retail experience, and has worked on innovative projects using signage for line-busting and secure payment with both Fortune 500 brands as well as small boutiques.

Harger is a Chicagoland native and received his Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from the University of Illinois in Champaign. He and his wife Christy reside in Plano, Texas. They have two sons and one granddaughter. Jim enjoys biking and water sports — swimming, boating and jet skiing.



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