FULL WEBINAR: Which is More Important, ROI or ROO?


Mark Geiger, Advertising Sales Manager of Products and Services for the Georgia World Congress Center, and Ryan Postel, Director of Media for Outcome Health, recently co-presented “Which is More Important, ROI or ROO?” a webinar presentation and discussion on the topic that was also addressed by the Digital Signage Expo Advisory Board’s Out-of-Home Network Council last September.

“It depends on what your objective is regarding the digital signage installation,” said Geiger. “We use our digital signage network to inform customers and guests. Additionally, we use the same signage to sell advertising and sponsorship.”

“As a mission-driven company, alignment along objectives is critical in our environment, even when making low-level decisions around our signage network,” said Postel.

Both Geiger and Postel agreed that, regardless of where you stand on which of these metrics is more important, both involve an inevitable pitch to management about the realistic costs, timeframe for delivery, intended audience, utility, etc. Eventually, they came around to a consensus. Check out the full webinar below to find out more.

Speaker Bios: In his current role at the Georgia World Congress Center, Mark Geiger manages revenue-generating initiatives for the fourth largest convention center in North America. These initiatives include corporate advertising sales, convention/trade show sponsorship and utilization of the center’s extensive and growing digital signage network he helped create in 2008. Geiger has held marketing and communication leadership roles with Atlanta-based Acuity Brands as well as Turner Broadcasting. He also served 21 years in the U.S. Army, 14 of those years as an active-duty photo journalist.

Ryan Postel - DSE Advisory BoardRyan Postel has overseen original content production, content partnership relations and media deployment, distribution and planning for Outcome Health over the last four years. Postel is an experienced documentary writer and producer, transitioning his expertise to Outcome Health’s digital signage networks. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Postel currently resides in Chicago.

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