The Internet of Things (IoT) will soon be integrated into our everyday lives at home and in the physical world to enhance urban living by bringing emerging technologies and hyper-targeted messages to public spaces in cities around the world.  Whether you’re already in this space and trying to make sense of it, or you’re more focused on the hardware technology itself and are trying to break in, you can’t afford to miss this informative webinar sponsored by NEC. After all, this is where a large chunk of the money in the digital signage industry seems to be flowing as the 38 million connected digital signs around the world that are mentioned throughout the webinar are expected to double over the next five years. See below for the full recording:


Margit Kittridge - DSE Advisory Board

Speaker Bios: Margit Kittridge joined Intersection Co. (formerly Titan) in 2014 to lead the digital business development efforts and strategic growth of Intersection’s digital out-of-home portfolio. She is tasked with overseeing Intersection’s digital transit advertising network, as well as running the digital ad ops team. In addition to enhancing Intersection’s digital sales and marketing efforts, Kittridge also establishes new trading platforms, network partnerships and advises on new software integrations.

Mike McGraw - DSE Advisory BoardWith two decades of OOH Media experience, Mike McGraw helps drive success at Clear Channel Outdoor Americas by running their New York-based marketing solutions team. McGraw started his career as a creative director, bringing giant ads to life in Times Square—the heart of the media world. He now serves a critical role by synthesizing the fast-changing trends in DOOH and incorporating mobile, social and dynamic capabilities along with planning and attribution tools. His work has received recognition including a MediaPost DOOH Award, The Bees Award, AME International Award and a DSE Apex Award.

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