FULL WEBINAR: The Layers of Mobile + Out-of-Home


In this webinar, Lamar Advertising’s Director of Digital Innovation & Sales Strategy Ian Dallimore and Blue Bite’s CEO/Founder Mikhail Damiani discuss the layers of pairing Mobile with Out-of-Home from the most basic to the most complex.  They also explained n the pros and cons of each layer, went into detail on what each includes and analyzed how they are best used in order to drive results and evolve two separate advertising mediums into a cohesive media channel. Successful case studies were also shared, and specific features about how each related to the five layers and why they became success stories make this webinar a must-watch!


Speaker Bios:

The Layers of Mobile + Out-of-HomeIan Dallimore began work with Lamar in 2004 as part of the marketing department. A year later, he transitioned to national sales where he worked directly with OOH buyers and strategic teams for national agencies. Dallimore soon became Lamar’s first digital OOH strategist and developed what the company has become today. As director of digital innovation and sales strategy, he interacts with national clients, brands and agencies to devise strategic plans. He also serves on the Digital Signage Expo Advisory Board with a focus on driving the industry to stay relevant in the advertising world. Dallimore is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and communications.

The Layers of Mobile + Out-of-HomeMikhail Damiani is the co-founder and CEO of Blue Bite, a digital experience engine that delivers contextually-aware content through smart objects. His industry acumen was initially honed at GCA Savvian in investment banking, where he focused on mergers and acquisitions within the technology sector. Realizing that mobile devices would play a significant role in the information age, Blue Bite was launched in 2007, and has evolved into a leader in driving mobile engagement through physical products and locations, enabling companies to acquire and retain customers more effectively. In 2014, Mikhail was recognized by the United Nations with a Leadership Award for “Driving social change through media.”

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