FULL WEBINAR: Now Micro IoT Player – A Secure, Managed HTML5 Player


As the digital signage industry moves towards HTML5-based digital media players, there are a number of challenges to conventional methods of choosing products, installation and post-sales management.  Consumers of digital signage/kiosk devices are often looking for a turn-key or low overhead experience.  Organizations want to rightly focus on the things they do best for their customers, whether it be content creation, providing tools, complete installation experiences or post-sales management.

The Now Micro IoT Player is a low cost, low-power HTML5 digital signage appliance based on Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core operating system. This turn-key device was designed as a drop-in replacement for an Android or Chrome media player. Having a clear understanding of the existing industry trends towards HTML5-based digital signage, the hardware and operating system ecosystem and addressing your core requirements will allow you to make an informed and sustainable decision when comparing choices.

During the webinar we will provide demos of the following:

-Player configuration using a modern, easy to use web portal

-Show how simple an on-site configuration utilizing Now Micro Player and Configurator can be

-Demonstrate simple device management capabilities utilizing Now Micro Portal

Now Micro IoT Player: a secure, managed HTML5 playerSpeaker: Bernard Carter Jr.

Speaker Bio: Bernard is the Director of Product Development and Operations for Now Micro.  He has extensive background in IT infrastructure in education and Fortune 500 corporate with an emphasis on process automation, platform security and software development.


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