FULL WEBINAR: Smart Digital Signage – How to Use Smart Rules and Live Data Sources to Automate Your Content Management Workflows


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Summary: In this hands-on, interactive webinar, Navori Labs’ Product Manager Jordan Feil discusses the benefits of using real-time information to trigger content that will drive audience engagement. He demonstrates the Navori Labs approach to data-driven content automation as well as how to easily create smart content workflows driven by live data sources using the Navori QL Digital Signage platform. 

Jordan Feil

Speaker Bio: Based in Montreal, Canada, Jordan Feil is an experienced digital signage software professional with more than 12 years of industry experience. J. Feil has managed and worked in various departments along the way including technical support, project management, technical account management and product management for two of the most recognized digital signage software providers in the industry. He joined Navori Inc. in 2018 and now holds the position of Product Manager.


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