FULL WEBINAR: Thinking Outside the 16:9 Box: The Future of In-Store Customer Experience – Presented by Wovenmedia & AOPEN


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Summary: As a new decade begins, we’ve seen not only significant advancements in both software and hardware technology within the digital signage industry, but also heightened demand from consumers for an in-store experience that may fall outside of retailers’ traditional approach.  In this webinar, Janette Wood of Wovenmedia and Miles Schofield of AOPEN step outside the 16:9 box to see how the latest in technology is opening up the possibilities to engage and delight consumers and ultimately drive revenue uplift through innovative digital signage.  


Speaker Bios: Janette Wood is a recent addition to Wovenmedia. She brings more than 20 years of sales leadership to the team; from network design to cyber security, she has sold it all! Janette is a believer in the Buffet (Warren, not Jimmy) approach to business: integrity, intelligence and energy – without the first, the other two don’t matter. She strives to work closely with clients to find solutions that inspire, positively impact and ultimately propel their success.Janette Wood of Wovenmedia

Miles Schofield picMiles Schofield brings a wide range of experience to the solutions team at AOPEN.  With an 18-year engineering and business background that covers everything from microscopes to dance, he works to enable AOPEN’s customers to not only make the correct product decisions, but also to understand the business and technological impact as well. A pioneer in new product integration, Miles is always interested in future tech as he strives to develop and predict the “next big thing” that will impact individuals and businesses. He is currently focusing on edge computing management and advanced customer engagement solutions.  


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