FULL WEBINAR: Transforming Student Communications on Campus with Digital Signage


Each year, hundreds of colleges and universities decide to make digital signage a part of their campus. These signage networks have proven to be an extremely effective form of campus communication and result in higher student and visitor engagement when deployed across campus.

In this webinar, Casey Timmeny, Director at Fairfield University’s acclaimed Media Center, joined Scott Cronin and David Kaszycki for a discussion about how the university installed and deployed a dynamic, cloud-based campus-wide signage network. Timmeny partnered with Aerva to bring the entire campus network onto a single software platform, meet the content needs of students and faculty and develop a successful roll-out strategy.

Presenter Bios:

scott_cronin_headshotScott Cronin, Vice President of Solutions & Marketing for Aerva

Scott Cronin drives company business development, sales and marketing for Aerva’s cloud-based digital engagement software platform. He helps clients drive their digital signage network from the cloud and enable real-time interactivity between social, mobile and digital channels across higher education networks. Twitter: @stcronin

david_kaszycki_headshot_bwDavid Kaszycki, Marketing Director for Aerva

David Kaszycki is responsible for Aerva’s marketing initiatives and helps higher education clients understand the benefits of digital signage networks by providing content strategy, roll-out plans and best practices for their campus. He has extensive experience in both digital signage hardware and software, allowing him to deliver end-to-end digital signage strategy to colleges and universities. 

Special Guest: Casey Timmeny, Director of the Media Center at Fairfield University


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