FULL WEBINAR: Understanding and Specifying Outdoor Displays with Samsung


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Summary: QSR drive-thrus, theme parks, stadiums, retail window displays – these are all places where specialized displays are a necessity due to the elements, lighting, and more. In this webinar presented by Almo and Samsung, you’ll learn the differences between these types of displays, when to use them, and in what applications. By examining the specifications involved, you’ll explore the essentials for installing these specialized displays as well as the important considerations BEFORE you start an outdoor project. 

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Jonathan Brawn - Principal - Brawn ConsultingJonathan Brawn is a principal of Brawn Consulting based in Vista, California. Before that, he was director of technical services for Visual Appliances, a firm that holds the patent on ZeroBurn™ plasma display technology. Prior to that, he successfully ran Brawn & Associates, a design build group serving the residential and commercial AV markets. Brawn worked alongside his father Alan in creating and building training programs for technical, sales and marketing development. He holds CTS certification and teaches courses at InfoComm, CEDIA and the Digital Signage Expo. He is co- founding director of ISF Commercial and a founding member of The Digital Signage Experts Group.

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