Fulton Center Deploys Largest Digital Signage Network in a Single U.S. Transportation Hub


Opening in November 2014, the Fulton Center is the largest integrated digital signage network in a single transportation hub in the United States. The network synchronizes 44
LCD video walls, totaling more than 1,200 square feet and nine locations of LED, totaling
more than 2,100 square feet.

Nominating Company: ANC, Purchase, New York
Venue: Fulton Center, New York, New York
Project: Fulton Center Digital Signage Network    
Category: Transportation

Working with the MTA and Westfield Corp., ANC deployed a digital signage network designed for multiple functions at Fulton Center. The complex media network plays in one- and-two-minute loops, offering news feeds, sports, weather, advertising, transit information and digital art to those who travel through Fulton Center, including more than 300,000 individuals every day. Select displays are dedicated to transit information and only feature train arrival times, delays and services. The majority of the network is dedicated to transforming the commuter and shopper experience with dynamic content.

Fulton Center pic 2 - new DSCCHALLENGES
The team faced multiple challenges, highlighted by both the open date and then post-open content objectives.

The venue opening date was moved several times due to the overall construction process of the main transit center in Lower Manhattan. While ANC supplied all the digital media, and is responsible for operating the displays, the company was only responsible for integrating some of the locations, with other MTA construction partners installing some of the other locations. The screens were turned on only one day prior to the open, eliminating any potential burn-in time for the displays or content testing.

The network’s goal is to feature constantly changing content across all the locations, but to synchronize it on the different media applications, many of which you can see from one central location.

ANC and the other construction partners responsible for integrating various locations had to wait for other trades to complete their processes before truly deploying. This shortened the timeline considerably. As the expert in digital signage, ANC took a leadership role throughout all the locations, assisting the construction entities that did not have experience deploying digital signage. Both ANC and the construction companies worked collaboratively, 24/7 throughout the week prior to open to ensure the displays went live as scheduled.Fulton Center pic 3 - new DSC

In order to display a large amount of dynamic, real-time content across both the LEDs and LCDs, ANC introduced the company’s vCOMM platform. vCOMM combines the benefits of ANC’s live-event playback control system with the requirements of a 24/7 operating system. This simplifies the content scheduling process while enabling unprecedented synchronization throughout the network.

Despite the moving target date, the venue opened on November 9, 2014 with the digital media network operational.

Meanwhile, on any day, more than 80,000 individual pieces of content can be displayed throughout the network. However, they are synchronized to look like one show or to deliver one message. Commuters can experience one unique experience as they travel throughout the venue, while also receiving valuable information such as real-time weather, transit information and other messaging.

ANC won the DSE 2016 Gold Apex Award in the Transportation category.

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