Gateway Casino bets on 25-foot Video Wall


The objective for the Gateway-Cascades Casino was to create a unique digital experience that would enliven the environment and provide a common area of engagement and entertainment across diverse ages and cultures. The owners also envisioned an immersive canvas that could display branded content and announcements of upcoming future events.

Nominating Company: Christie Digital, Cypress, California
Venue: Gateway Casino, Burnaby, British Columbia
Project: Gateway Casino Immersive Experience
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

Who: The Christie Three-Sixty Team and Pro-Spec Production Services LTD for Gateway Casinos
When: Completed July 2015
Where: Kamloops, British Columbia
What: Large Convex Immersive Christie Microtile wall 25 feet [7.6m] by 8 feet [2.5m] of 7600 x 1080 resolution with Gesture Interactivity that is architecturally integrated with the facility. Originally foreseen as a waterfall feature, the owners decided they would seek instead to create a digital experience where the content and experience could be changed and refreshed. The content strategy consists of various interactions with waterfall features that also relate to the casino culture as well as branded promotional content for other areas of the casino.

Architectural Integration was the primary challenge. The compact size of the space combined with the convex curvature created architectural integration challenges, as well as with HVAC provision. The combination of base structure and aesthetic trim pieces didn’t exactly line up. There were also challenges in determining the placement of cameras and blending these into the ceiling design.

Working with the architect and HVAC engineer, the AV integrator and our team were able to design creative solutions to address the base structure as well as to provide HVAC exhaust to the rear of the tile structure. The electrical engineer was able to source an aesthetically pleasing cover for the motion cameras in the correct geometrical placement.

The executive team at Gateway were enthusiastic about the results of the completed wall and the content. They are consistently pleased that the digital experience appeals to both younger and older aged guests, and has generated a lot of excitement and entertainment value in keeping with their brand marketing.

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