GGP Fashion Show in Las Vegas Gets LED Video and Content Makeover


GGP Fashion Show in Las Vegas LED video displays include LED video columns, billboard, marquee pylon displays and curved indoor LED video. Covering a combined 10,000 square feet and reaching 112 feet at its tallest point, the signage encompasses 12-plus million LEDs.

Nominating Company: Daktronics Inc., Brookings, South Dakota
Venue: GGP – Fashion Show – Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada
Project: GGP Fashion Show in Las Vegas
Category: Retail

The outdoor plaza of Fashion Show Las Vegas, the Strip’s largest retail destination at two million square feet, recently became much brighter and more entertaining with the completion of new and dynamic LED video displays. The LED video-capable displays include LED video columns, billboard and marquee pylon displays—all part of a recently completed redevelopment and expansion of Fashion Show’s Plaza that fronts the property along Las Vegas Boulevard.

Daktronics served as the lead project designer and LED sign provider, acting as general contractor on the project that took more than 18 months to complete and involved various sub-contractors. This includes all the large-format displays on the plaza in addition to renovated LED displays inside the mall, including the iconic three-screen LED video display over the runway in Fashion Show’s Great Hall. General Growth Properties (GGP), Fashion Show’s owner, was responsible for the primary structural improvements.

Installation timing and scheduling were certainly hurdles that needed to be overcome. The new technology was part of a larger refurbishment of the property.

A project of this size and scope required the collaboration of many companies working in concert to bring to fruition our vision to deliver the most technologically advanced LED video in existence today.
Daktronics was proud, excited and honored to have led such an amazingly talented group of contractors and consultants who each contributed to the overall experience.

Fashion Show’s new LED displays are an immense and unique digital canvas. Multiple screens, curved surfaces and colossal scale require a whole new visual language. Storytellers and marketers relish the challenge and the opportunity to craft compelling content through the use of imagery, color, scale, motion and interactivity in the animations and videos that are now part of the Fashion Show on-screen show. Fashion Show’s new plaza has transformed the experience for all visitors to the Las Vegas strip.

GGP Fashion Show in Las Vegas Gets LED Video and Content MakeoverRESULTS
The evolution of brick and mortar shopping centers in the age of ecommerce requires the delivery of an experience that shoppers are unable to get online. Today, retail destinations are about so much more than shopping. They offer experiential entertainment in a variety of forms, from retail therapy and dining to pure performance. The newly enhanced video imagery on Fashion Show’s plaza offers yet another form of quality entertainment before our guests even step inside.

General Growth Properties (owner)
Daktronics (tech provider)
Vision Sign Company (installation)
Brian Henry Design (content)
Show + Tell (content)
Houses in Motion (content)
House of Current (signage)



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