Godiva’s Sweet Video Wall Solution


The project was a three-screen video wall featuring custom content based on Godiva’s seasonal promotion calendar. The display is one large canvas over two or three screens inside Godiva retail locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, driven by Mood’s MVision media player.

Nominating Company: Mood Media, Ft. Mill, South Carolina
Venue: Godiva Retail Stores, New York, New York
Project: A three-screen video wall featuring custom content based on Godiva’s seasonal promotion calendar.
Category: Retail

Godiva reached out to Mood searching for an avant-garde visual solution to help drive sales of seasonal items in their retail locations. They wanted to provide a visually stimulating experience for shoppers while highlighting their products in a unique and engaging manner. Mood visual designers worked with Godiva’s marketing team to create a slate of high-definition product videos. These videos are uploaded onto Godiva’s MVision player, and Mood schedules when they will be displayed. Furthermore, Mood’s in-house team of translators translated existing Godiva content into Canadian French for their Quebec locations.

Godiva executives were concerned with the potential difficulty and costs of changing promotional signage at the point of purchase according to seasonal schedules. They also needed existing content translated into French-Canadian for Quebec locations. Lastly, Mood designers were faced with the challenge of displaying one large image over three screens.

With the help of in-house translators, Mood was easily able to translate existing Godiva content into French-Canadian. Visual technicians were able to utilize a unique multi-screen configuration feature powered by MVision, enabling them to display custom video content over three screens, as requested by Godiva.

Godiva was blown away with the visual quality of the video wall. Store managers appreciate having content pre-scheduled for display, so that they don’t have to worry about changing images with each new promotional season. This low-maintenance solution educates and informs their customers, all while energizing the feel of their stores. They are also pleased with the affordability of the solution.

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