Grand Visual Launches Independent Ad Tech Business for Digital OOH


The award-winning digital OOH production house Grand Visual, is launching an independent ad tech company in a move to roll out its industry-leading platforms and workflow intelligence to the whole market. Built on established ad serving technology and integrated with all major digital OOH network providers, QDOT addresses some of the complexities inherent in the diverse digital OOH eco-system, enabling advertisers and agencies to simply and efficiently manage, measure and deliver smarter digital OOH campaigns at scale.

QDOT consolidates well established ad-serving systems that have been delivering results for Grand Visual clients for over six years and are trusted by some of the world’s largest OOH media buyers including Talon, Kinetic, Rapport and Outdoor Media Group. QDOT also connects and serves content to media owners through the growing number of supply side, out of home automated buying platforms, future proofing the out of home industry with programmatic ready creative fulfilment systems.

With offices in London and New York, QDOT technology has already delivered over 1,600 campaigns, across 40 networks and 38 countries, for world leading brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, Warner Bros, Amazon, Virgin, McDonald’s, Facebook, Sky and Disney.  

Sir John Hegarty – founder of The Garage Social and BBH: “Posters are going through a revolution. They are increasingly digital. This throws up enormous creative potential. However the downside is adapting your idea to all the different digital formats. QDOT solves this problem with their OpenLoop platform, it’s brilliant. I know, I’ve tried it.”

QDOT is led by Ben Putland who is appointed as managing director. Putland will also continue his role as chief operating officer of Grand Visual New York, but will step back from the day to day management of global production. Putland will report into QDOT’s founder, and Grand Visual chief executive, Neil Morris. Key staff within Grand Visual dedicated to the platforms will transfer across, and the team will build out over the next 12 months.

Neil Morris – founder of QDOT and Grand Visual comments: “The DOOH market is now at a size and maturity where DOOH media will be planned and bought locally, with creative concepts, production and distribution that are global” said Morris. “QDOT is the result of years of development, research and collaboration. It’s launch as a standalone company is not just the product of growth, the industry is entering a new era, and we need to be focused on the tools and systems required to facilitate the medium’s true creative potential as a digitally connected, data rich, intrinsic part of the smart city landscape.”

Ben Putland – managing director at QDOT adds: “We are the logistics business for the DOOH market. DOOH is now a global medium and requires a global delivery system to accelerate its adoption as a dynamic, data-driven and scalable medium with seamless workflows. QDOT adds creative testing, site selection and accountability into the fold, creating a compelling one stop shop for brands and businesses looking for a trusted, reliable content delivery partner in a programmatic world.”

Client quotes:

James Copley – managing partner at Talon: “For us, QDOT is a crucial component allowing us to manage and track our DOOH campaigns across multiple networks.  The platforms, including FileDrive and OpenLoop, are simplifying the delivery of DOOH while also enabling us to activate more contextually relevant creative for our clients”

“On a recent project with QDOT, the technology allowed us to set weather based creative triggers through a single platform across multiple media owner networks and locations. QDOT is helping Talon drive growth in out of home by simply enabling smarter DOOH campaign management at scale.”

Ryan Laul – president of the Outdoor Media Group of companies: “QDOT is helping us to deliver greater efficiencies in the management of multi network, cross-state, out of home campaigns. By streamlining these processes, we’re also able to bring even more creative, reactive and contextually relevant content to audiences across the country”

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