Greyhound Lines Rolls Out Digital Timetables at Terminals in 50 Cities


As the largest intercity bus transportation service in North America, Greyhound Lines has kept nearly 18 million Americans and Canadians moving smoothly between more than 3,800 destinations for over a century. This endless ballet of arrives and departures relies heavily on real-time information being posted clearly and accurately at each terminal, and while the public bus world has traditionally lagged behind the curve of technological advancement, Greyhound Lines recently enlisted the help of Message Point Media and OnSign TV to utilize Philips Professional Display Solutions for a massive upgrade in more than 50 cities.

Message Point, in cooperation with OnSign, developed a completely new visual schedule application for Greyhound that integrated real-time information from their mobile application with Digital Signage. They worked with Message Point to carefully study all the pain points with current passenger information; including displaying additional served cities along a route, and keeping passengers up to date with schedule changes. From this, Message Point and OnSign developed a solution that could be tailored for terminals from 6 to 100 departures per day to maximize the content usage of the available screen area for each terminal.

Text size, layout, and number of schedules displayed can all be tailored easily from within the OnSign web-based management console with no need to do any programming. Outdated, static bus timetables were replaced with Philips D-Line and P-Line displays in every terminal. The combination of Phillips Android Powered Displays and OnSign allowed Message Point and Greyhound to easily switch between horizontal and vertical screen layouts to fit the available space in each terminal. This was a real boon to the project since nearly every terminal in the network had a different layout. Running on top of the Phillips D-Line’s Android platform, arrival, departure, and gate information is presented in real-time using Message Point’s TransitPoint platform powered by OnSign TV. This system provides passengers with airport-grade live information for bus arrivals and departures, and is a first for any U.S. Interstate Bus Service. Greyhound can also use the screens to display service updates, critical information, passenger education materials, and even advertisements to improve their ability to connect with passengers.

“When we got ready to roll out a nationwide signage network for Greyhound in over 50 cities all over the United States, we knew we could count on the reliability and support of Phillips Intelligent Displays,” said Message Point Media President Bryan Gilliom.

Installation of 170 32-inch, 43-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch D-Line and P-Line Series Displays at Greyhound bus terminals across North America has provided the following benefits:

Remote central updates: Greyhound Lines can seamlessly access live GPS-based information for bus arrivals and departures as well as publish additional information and notices when needed from one central web-based console.

Remote upgrades: OnSign TV can push new software updates in the background to each screen to ensure every display is running smoothly with the latest features and stability requirements.

Airport-grade information: Outdated static information has been replaced with live information for bus arrivals and departures.

Android: Custom content, information layouts and passenger education videos are all displayed through the Android integration system. This system seamlessly connects information from Greyhound real-time operations centre with each terminal’s screens.

Future-proof: New demands from Greyhound Lines can be easily configured and deployed by Message Point and OnSign TV, enabling Greyhound to roll out additional functionality and react to changes in technology while preserving their capital investment in the system.

Custom casing: For some terminals that required displays to be installed outside, Message Point was even able to integrate Phillips P-Line 700 NIT High Brightness displays into custom-made enclosures that are both weatherproof and vandal resistant.



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