Guerilla Projection Mapping Throughout Barcelona


You’ve probably heard the term “guerilla” before in reference to warfare or filmmaking. But now, the brave new world of digital installations and augmented reality has brought us guerilla projection mapping. This technological process and practice is also known as video mapping or spatial augmented reality, and it uses digital projection to turn the surface of industrial landscapes, buildings and other often oddly shaped objects into canvases or screens for any given message or artistic work.

That said, this installment of our installation of the week series is dedicated to Leo Messi and Adidas’ new guerilla projection mapping campaign around Barcelona. The campaign was recently implemented to promote the adizero f50 Messi boots or “cleats” as we call them here in the States. As the video below illustrates, mounting a digital projector to a moving vehicle is what makes this campaign “guerilla,” but it also allowed for portability and really brought it to colorful life.

The projection mapping animations were displayed in various parts of Barcelona and hopes to capture what playing the Messi way really means while helping celebrate the city itself. As the YouTube description put it, this is “a boot made in monument to the way he plays and the city he plays in.”

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