Halal Fried Chicken Billboard Advertises Around Ramadan


Amsterdam, one of our global village’s great melting pots, recently rolled out a very interesting billboard campaign for its diverse populace around the Halal Fried Chicken business—the European fried-poultry-slinging equivalent of America’s Kentucky Fried Chicken (also enjoying an advertising renaissance these days). Not unlike keeping Kosher, Halal means “permissible” in Arabic and refers to the proper preparation of consumable meat as prescribed by Muslim law and the Koran. That said, Halal Fried Chicken is a quick and easy option for many a young urban Muslim on the go … except during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan that is.  This annual observance, regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam, sees adherents go without food or drink from sunrise until sunset.

So, in a clever, cultural extension of the concept known as dayparting, this highly targeted billboard from JCDecaux features an empty bucket of Halal Fried Chicken during daylight hours and a brimming bucket of crispy fried goodness after sunset when the billboard lights flare up to illuminate the bucket’s contents. Check out the video below for a quick, time-lapse demonstration.

This year, Ramadan spans from Friday, May 26 until Saturday, June 24, and during that period, this campaign will be reminding devout Dutch Muslims of the spiritual and edible rewards for fasting that await them after dark.

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