Hale Centre Theatre Boosts Attendance and Revenue with Immersive Experience


Located in Salt Lake City, the Hale Centre Theatre has been bringing theatrical excellence to the community for more than 30 years. In the new facility, the team at Hale was inspired by Walt Disney’s philosophy to “dream big.” Revel Media Group brought those dreams to life by designing an innovative solution to provide an immersive theater experience, provide more opportunities for corporate partnerships and provide a modern feel while maintaining the existing warmth.

Nominating Company: Revel Media Group, Kaysville, Utah
Venue: Hale Centre Theatre, Sandy, Utah
Project: Hale Centre Theatre
Category: Venues

The Hale Centre Theatre team partnered with Revel Media Group to design custom experiences in the theaters, on the concourses and outside the facility. The objective was to create a technologically advanced experience that would keep up with the increasing demand for visual entertainment. This would allow the team at Hale to attract new and old visitors, but it would also allow them to attract corporate sponsors and corporate events resulting in new and increased revenue. Revel took the objectives and brought solutions such as large video walls, a creative display installation above the concession area, a jumbotron and displays surrounding the seating area in the main theatre.

Given the innovative nature of the Hale dream, many of these solutions had not been deployed before, at least not in a similar way. There was also the challenge of how to manage the content on each of the displays to allow for quick and easy updates by the Hale creative team. These solutions also had to be deployed in a timely manner to be prepared for the scheduled opening of the facility.

Revel Media Group is adept at producing innovative solutions that meet client needs, even under a time constraint. Revel found solutions for various vendor partners, including Absen, that made the plans come to life. This included installing displays in unconventional formations, designing a jumbotron to be raised and lowered and installing curved displays along the back of the theater walls to immerse guests in the experience. They also deployed their custom content delivery platform, Channel Valet, to make content updates seamless between the variety of displays. The Revel team met with the Hale team to prioritize installations and make a clearly defined workflow to ensure the project was completed in a timely manner.

The digital displays played a large part in driving more revenue through increased attendance, greater sponsorship opportunities and more corporate event opportunities. Annual theater attendance has grown 52 percent from 280,000 to 530,000. Sponsorship revenue has quadrupled from 250,000 to nearly 1 million annually. Corporate event revenue has tripled due the digital displays and the opportunities that they provide for customization. The theater has also received an influx of positive comments from the press, attendees and clients.

Hale Centre Theatre

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