HB Communications Collaborates with AV Tech Giants to Re-Design Headquarters with the Next Generation of Audiovisual Communication Technologies


NORTH HAVEN, Conn., May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — HB Communications, a global leader in audiovisual communication solutions, has opened the doors to its newly renovated headquarters, presenting a state-of-the-art example of the next generation of communication technology.  The big idea: building out HB’s new space as if it were its own client, applying decades of knowledge about experience design, technology, standardization, and simplicity and blending it all into a comfortable environment to achieve better collaboration, communication, and brand experience for the company.

During the process of re-designing their headquarters, HB created the “Audiovisual Ecosystem,” a branded approach and strategy for applying AV technology in a way that any company can embrace to improve the way they connect and communicate.  “For an organization to operate at its highest level, communication needs to be a top priority,” said Dana Barron, CEO of HB Communications. “Unfortunately, communication is one of the most overlooked challenges at work, on teams, and in relationships. As leaders in audiovisual solution design, we are constantly working with our clients to improve how technology is applied to enhance communication and experience for their organizations.”

At the center of the new space is the “Hub”, a large open area that serves as a collaboration space, event venue, café, and social area. Programmed to have multiple modes for different purposes, the technologies deployed throughout the space enable the Hub to transform into whatever environment is desired at any given time. Featuring a 32-panel Samsung LCD video wall, surround and overhead audio, conferencing cameras and much more, the space can be easily transformed. In one moment, it’s an atmospheric environment featuring 4K video of New York City or New England nature scenes, and in the next moment, it can be pushing live corporate communications to our audience.

Alongside the Hub are several newly designed workspaces, each optimized for a specific purpose; collaboration nooks for small meetings; a universal conference room welcomes four to six people; the brainstorming room features a 98″ interactive collaboration wall; the comfort conference room is complemented by couches and lounge seating; and the Wormhole offers a live, 24/7 connection that enables casual conversations and ad hoc meetings between remote offices.

HB also created a state-of-the-art NOC, centered on a 25 foot wide Christie Digital Video Wall, to display real-time data across HB’s portfolio of Managed Services and supported clients.

Another key feature of the new headquarters is its own AVID-equipped Content Studio, where HB produces everything from marketing videos to company announcements and broadcasts.

With the help of many top tech collaborators—including Samsung, Cisco, Christie, Shure, Crestron,  AV Brands of Legrand and more—the new facility has become a showcase of what’s possible in achieving better communication and experience with technology. “Modernizing the workplace is a trend that we have seen for many years now, but we saw a gap and an opportunity in the conversation around the future of workplace technology,” said Dan Barron, Head of Brand Strategy for HB.

To learn more about how HB Communications’ Audiovisual Ecosystem uses AV technologies to enhance communication, collaboration, and brand experience, visit the microsite or go to http://hbcommunications.com/avecosystem/.  

About HB Communications
Founded in 1946, HB Communications designs, builds and supports audiovisual communication environments for organizations around the world. Using a wide breadth of knowledge in technology, strategy and experience design, HB provides the insight and solutions to create communication environments that drive innovation and growth. For more information, please visit www.hbcommunications.com.


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