Hewlett Packard Service Management Center Wows with “Enterprise” Multi-Sensory Experience


“The Enterprise” is a multi-sensory experience permanently located in Plano, Texas at HPE’s Service Management Center. Users interact with a 10-person touch table while more than 350 square feet of dynamic animation, audio and lighting takes guests on a journey discovering HPE’s services.

Nominating Company: 900lbs of Creative, Dallas, Texas
Venue: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service Management Center, Plano, Texas
Project: “The Enterprise” multi-sensory experience
Category: Immersive Environments

The HPE Service Management Center team’s vision was to create an immersive “wow” experience for their prospective enterprise level clients that reinforced their messaging while providing a better understanding of how the HPE services could help them with their business challenges.

After a 10-month engagement, 900lbs of Creative, in collaboration with subcontractors, completed an immersive 20+ minute experience involving storytelling, 4K resolution animation, a 12-foot long interactive touch table, 5.1 surround sound audio, 18-foot-wide curved rear projection screens and a complete refresh of the previously existing space. Completing production in October of 2015, the results have been resoundingly positive thus far from both the various HPE internal departments and clients alike.

Interactive visual storytelling effectively bridged the gap between HPE’s messaging and their clients’ understanding of HPE’s value. 900lbs is proud to have been part of such a unique installation.

During development, we encountered both creative and technical hurdles. From a messaging standpoint, HPE had a real challenge in conveying the value of their enterprise services to their customers. Our challenge was to come up with a way to visualize the interconnected layers of their enterprise class services and do so in a way that was logical and retainable by executives from multiple industries and even different countries around the world.

Then, immersing the users in a dynamic environment that responded to their decisions and actions on the touch table provided its own technical “mountain” to overcome. Writing the table’s “simulation” content within Unity3D (a video game engine) allowed us a lot of creative freedom, but then pairing that with WATCHOUT to display and connect all three projection zones was something never seen before.

Hewlett Packard Service Management Center Wows with “Enterprise” Multi-Sensory ExperienceSOLUTIONS
We wanted to create a visual metaphor to represent HPE’s services and how they positioned them as “tools” helping clients achieve business goals. Ultimately, we decided on using a universally recognized metaphor of climbing a mountain. This provided a creative infrastructure for us to convey the vast array of HPE’s enterprise services in an easily understood and fun way.
On the technical side, every action on the table causes a reaction of multisensory content throughout the entire experience. To achieve this, 900lbs of Creative implemented a system of cues and reactionary pre-rendered content. To achieve this, the table sends UDP commands to the WATCHOUT server, which parses the corresponding content to the Panasonic laser projectors that project the content onto the rear projection surfaces, all in sync with the table’s content. In conclusion, the table acts as the conductor, orchestrating all the other hardware in this mountain expedition.

Although having just completed installation, the Experience Demonstration Center has already seen overwhelmingly positive feedback from all visitors. Even though it’s too early to quantify metrics at this point, the HPE team is already engaging this sales tool and say that it perfectly highlights how Hewlett Packard Enterprise services and technologies work together to propel enterprises further. The demo is a great addition to the Experience and fits nicely with the other interactive areas of their tour.

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