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The Innovator Zone is open to first-time exhibitors with DSE. It’s perfect for start-ups or any company on a budget that wants to break into the industry and reach the powerful attendance base that DSE delivers.

Our cost-effective, hassle-free and turn-key booth package provides everything you need.

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Among the more than 200 exhibitors participating in DSE 2017 are the 23 found in the Innovator Zone. A show within the show, the Innovator Zone was created in 2013 to accommodate mainly first-time exhibitors that offer unique products and services but are in many cases newcomers to the digital signage industry.

The Innovator Zone provides these exhibitors with a unique setting in which to meet DSE attendees. Conversely, attendees have the opportunity to discover not only innovative technology and applications but also unexpected solutions to some of the very problems you’re trying to solve.

In effect, it’s DSE in microcosm, with the surprising range of products you will find throughout the exhibit hall — except in a compact format. That’s why we suggest the Innovator Zone as your second stop, after the New Products Pavilion, before stepping onto the main floor. It’s like sampling the hors d’oeuvres before sitting down for the main course.

Here, in alphabetical order, is a quick rundown of the various companies you will encounter in the DSE 2017 Innovator Zone:

Adomni (Booth FT123) is a Las Vegas-based AdTech company that built a powerful self-service online platform enabling advertisers to shop for outdoor digital ad space and launch campaigns with any budget for any amount of time. Billboard owners can reach a wider audience, manage schedules and content and sell remnant inventory to drive up revenue. The growing digital platform currently offers out-of-home media in the Las Vegas and Chicago markets.

AdPodNet (Booth FT3) presents AdPod— a three-sided touchscreen with sight, sound and motion. Each screen contains unique and compelling content tailored to your specific target audience. AdPod uses real-time analytic evaluation that measures total viewers and total engagements by audience segment. Through facial recognition technology, it identifies who is viewing your content, what their duration of interaction is and who is directly engaging with the touchscreen. 

ADTI Media (Booth FT18) is an innovator and provider of premium-quality, American-made outdoor LED displays suitable for both retrofit and new installations. The company’s patented SKYPANEL™ and SKYNET™ technologies are manufactured in its ISO 9001 certified factory in Southern California, and have been rigorously tested by outdoor industry experts and nationally recognized test laboratories.

BEC Technologies (FT14) is a developer and manufacturer of 3G, 4G/LTE wireless broadband networking solutions for mobile operators, residential, enterprise and industrial markets. The company’s solutions are designed for high availability, reliability and secure connectivity all backed up with class-leading technical service and support.

Bitvu Ltd. (Booth FT122) is a U.K. designer and manufacturer of digital signage players and streaming media encoders including the Freedom Digital Signage Player and the Inferno Streaming Media Encoder—available as a single channel box or multi-channel rack.

BREAKFAST – Flip-Disc Displays (Booth FT21) is unveiling its new system—an unique, interactive modular display made up of thousands of small plastic discs that flip between two colored sides at close to 30 frames per second. Out-of-the-box, the system can easily display images, video and text while also featuring a 3D time-of-flight camera that lets those in front of the screen interact in real-time.

Glass Media (Booth FT2) releases next-generation, end-to-end, projection-based digital storefronts for retail applications and more.

INGENICO Labs (Booth FT19), the innovation unit of Ingenico Group, presents a NFC connected screen developed under its Think&Go brand. This screen combining a multi-merchant secure payment solution and a dynamic marketing interface will bring your digital strategy to the next level.

InReality (Booth FT17) is the Ohio-based software and services company with offices in Georgia and North Carolina that helps brands create personalized in-store shopping experiences through a proprietary platform, responsive in-store experience design and real-time analytics. The company’s proprietary software leverages a variety of technologies including sensors, beacons, anonymous video analytics and more.

LobbySpace (Booth FT126) is a plug-and-play-ready digital signage solution. Many companies have TV screens hanging in their lobbies or shops. They can be used to display information about the company or to advertise their products or special offers. LobbySpace created cloud software in which employees of those companies can log in and see all the slides for their screen-shows on a dashboard. They can choose days and times for those slides to appear and create their own slides in just a few easy steps.

MirraViz (Booth FT16) designs and delivers multi-view display products for immersive and personalized content. The company’s applications will allow multiple people to view one screen and see completely personalized content.

NRS Systems (Booth FT128) is the manufacturer of MERCURY— a digital display device built to provide businesses with a tool for communicating efficiently with employees and customers.

PoE-Texas (Booth FT7) began offering Power over Ethernet injectors under the WiFi-Texas brand in 2011. Today, the company supplies a wide variety of low-voltage power solutions to homes and businesses around the world.

PowerFirst Technology Company Limited (Booth FT129) has a division called NeuiTec that focuses on manufacturing digital signage, digital signage with glasses-free 3D, LED screens, LCD display solutions, menu boards and other customized solutions.

Route 66 Digital (Booth FT124) plays on the edges of technology and creativity by taking complex ideas and transforms them into immersive experiences, digital displays and visuals and animations.

ScreenCloud (Booth FT1) is a simple cloud-based digital signage platform for the to easily display content on any screen. ScreenCloud is on a mission to make dumb screens smart and to take digital signage away from the IT department, handing it over to marketing, where it belongs.

Sofnetjapan Co. Ltd. (Booth FT13) is a cloud-based digital signage delivery solution focused on timely and effective functionality.

Taica North America (Booth FT10) provides multifunctional material products like αGEL® to industry verticals such as sporting goods, stationery, digital appliances and nursing care.

TINT (Booth FT12) gathers user-generated content and amplifies it throughout your marketing efforts. Let your users – the real people that use, share, and love your brand – reveal your true brand story and close the gap between brand story and brand reality.

VXL Software (Booth FT6) has entered the digital signage market with a new product known as Illumineye DS Suite. Illumineye is a combination of a powerful, Windows-based Creator and Manager software – Illumineye DS Suite and dedicated media players (the IQ-L and high-performance IQ-B series). The Illumineye software handles everything from the creation of campaigns to the deployment of such campaigns locally over a LAN or over the Internet. Digital campaigns can be created quickly, incorporating text, images, tickers, video, audio and much more. They can also be interactive, as Illumineye DS supports touchscreen displays.

Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. (Booth FT125) purchases tens of millions of minutes a month and passes its buying power on to you, a situation similar to Costco Wholesale. With 18/6 second billing increments, three-digit rounding, SIP trunking (saving on inbound cost) and customized plans, WTT allows you to control the maximum per minute cost of your calls.

xAd, Inc. (Booth FT127) offers solutions that are designed to drive in-store traffic and sales. Marketers can leverage the company’s first-party location data to learn more about their business, actively engage their consumers through precise location and audience targeting and measure sales impact in the moment.

Zynchro LLC (Booth FT11) is an easy-to-use content management system as well as a monitoring and analytics tool developed by Digiworks for BrightSign, global market leader in digital signage media players. Additionally, Digiworks provides content programming services for the BrightSign platform.

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