HMNS Debuts Advanced Digital Box Office Created by Houston Dynamic Displays


HD2 HMNS VIDEO WALL HD2(HOUSTON, TX) – The Houston Museum of Natural Science recently opened its doors to a newly renovated box office, a natural step forward for a museum that has been investing in technology and upgrades for the last year.

Houston Dynamic Displays (HD2) has been taking the community by storm, transforming so many of Houston’s businesses into tech savvy digital signage users. With huge projects like Typhoon Texas Water Park and now HMNS, HD2 has shown how advantageous working with a small business can be when that business has exceptional work ethic, customer service and quality control efforts in place.

The museum’s new box office consists of 63 stunning 55″ high-definition displays. The L-shaped installation measures 65 feet along one wall, and 25 feet along the adjacent wall. With the

bottom of the display resting 10 feet off the ground, striking images and videos tower impressively over museum guests and employees, and create a focal point worthy of the Space City’s world-renowned gem.

The displays run museum content via Bright Authour software using HTML5 to daynamicly update show time, content and pricing. The 63 displays are divided into 7 groups of 9 Displays, and each group is programmed to work with one controller. This means the museum has 7 controllers and countless content options and combinations to choose from. Content can seemely scale across all the displays allowing for 4K x 7 Content to take over the entire box office wall.

“The Houston Museum of Natural Science is undeniably one of the best things Houston has to offer,” says HD2 owner, Hussain Ali. “It’s amazing. People come from all over the world to visit, and we couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done here, or more appreciative of the chance to collaborate with such an impressive, kind and professional group of people.”

Installation was completed successfully and on time despite the dangerous flooding of Memorial

Day weekend, which caused many accidents, road closures and schedule disruptions during the

9-day installation. The process was very involved, requiring extreme flexibility and cooperation from the museum. Box office booths were relocated, and the museum lobby was sectioned off to keep HD2’s work area isolated and ensure the safety of museum visitors and employees. HD2 not only provided and installed the new signage, but also carefully removed all existing signage and fabricated the sturdy structure from which the display securely hangs.

The revamp was preceded by upgrades to the Weiss Energy Hall and Burke Baker Planetarium. The museum has plans to continue investing in technology enhancements, with HD2 on board for additional digital signage hardware and software needs.


Established in 1909, the Houston Museum of Natural Science has become one of Houston’s most loved learning and entertainment venues. This remarkable attraction ranks fourth in most- visited museums in the U.S., and has hosted some of the most incredible guest exhibits in the world. With such beloved treasures as the Burke Baker Planetarium, Cockrell Butterfly Center and Wortham Theatre, HMNS continues to be an excellent place to soak in science, beauty, history, nature and more. Visit for additional information.


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