Holiday Shopping in NYC Subways


Thanks in large part to major hubs like Grand Central Station, Union Square and Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal/Barclays Center, the New York City subways are expected to see 2.2 million riders per day across 15 stations this holiday season. However, the retail juggernauts as well as boutique gift shops may see less foot traffic this year as shoppers increasingly migrate to mobile devices and other online outlets. In fact, a recent Google shopper survey indicates that over half of this year’s shoppers plan to use their smartphone while walking or commuting, and more than 40 percent are apt to use their phones to pay for products.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)’s On The Go kiosks, built and operated through a public-private partnership with Intersection, are now in place to underline this trend. As the photograph below illustrates, the On the Go kiosks enable millions of daily commuters to seamlessly browse, shop and purchase products on the kiosk display before pushing selected products to their phones via text message or email to complete the purchase.

There are nearly 100 On the Go kiosks across the entire city, and they feature thousands of curated products with the ability to sort in real-time based on popularity.

“For today’s urban consumers, shopping no longer means daylong marathons like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It happens at hundreds of moments throughout the day,” said Damian Gutierrez of Intersection. “This campaign brings holiday shopping directly to consumers where they actually are, enabling a seamless experience from research and discovery all the way through to purchase.”

“This innovative use of our On The Go network is a great example of innovative advertising and exactly what we hoped to see as we began the deployment of kiosks in subway stations across the city,” said Paul Fleuranges, vice president of corporate communications at NYC Transit. “It is yet more proof of the power digital-placed based networks have in helping brands reach the consumer on the go throughout their daily journey.”

The campaign marks the largest network of interactive Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) storefronts anywhere, and the shop runs through December 23, the last day consumers can buy online for delivery by Christmas.

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