Holograms and Projection Mapping in One Interactive Real Estate Showroom


Maya Group has multiple real estate projects in Istanbul. They focus on a premium segment of housing and commercial estates. Together with them, MAP GLOBAL designed a holographic showroom space where premium clients can experience both digital and physical qualities of their projects. Projection Mapping, Pyramid Hologram Systems, Pepper’s Ghost Hologram System, Interactive Media Control, and sound & light design disciplines along with very creative content has been harnessed for the success of the project.

Nominating Company: MAP GLOBAL, Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey
Venue: Maya Holding, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey
Project: Holographic Showroom Space
Category: Corporate Environments

Maya Group has A+ segment client base. They wanted an innovative technology installation to showcase their projects. MAP GLOBAL worked on an objective to get the attention of this client segment with high-quality design, seamless operation of technology and a good mix of mixed reality. The installation resides in Maya Group’s headquarters in Istanbul. This enables them to attract all of their client base to experience the space. In order to achieve this, MAP GLBOAL was asked to create a space that can operate unattended through the office business hours.

The client also had the goal of creating the ability to display multiple projects in the showroom yet still keep it personal, simple and interactive without technical assistance. We used advanced holographic and projection mapping visual technologies along with Unity-based software for UX. UX kept it simple for the client to access and open all systems with a tablet device.


Problem 1 – Space
Space was a conference room facility at the reception area before work started. A complete re-design of the space with the client’s architects was necessary for the digital installation to be in harmony with the new physical space.

Problem 2 – End user requirement of using physical models
The Real Estate sector still uses physical models. The client didn’t want to move to a full digital model, hence asked us to create a seamless interaction between physical and digital experiences.

Problem 3 – The client wanted fully operational and unmanned installation without dedicated technical personnel.

Problem 4 – The client wanted a 360-degree view of each building and floor plan in one installation.

MAP GLOBAL worked on a collaborative method in the design phase of the space with the client’s architects. This also involved heating control and energy efficiency.

They produced a 1/5000 model of a project and placed it in the giant hologram pyramid with projection mapping to the buildings so the hologram appeared right on top of the physical model. This created a very unique experience for the end user to see real and digital in the same space. Installation benefits on-site media control system with online remote assistance. The system is designed to be a plug and play device with tablet control.

The content has modeled all their projects in a 3D holographic format. It also captures unique essentials of the project. All content can play in a show reel mode as well as be interactive for the end client to choose different floors, building facades and views of the projects.


Key results for the client:
MAP GLOBAL transformed an inefficient conference room into a state-of-the-art digital showroom for the client. The client does public relations through this space, a first in Istanbul with holograms and mapping and interactive design being harnessed together.

The client uses the space for sales and marketing purposes. Beside creating a very premium experience for their customers, they can further enable them to interact/experience with their multiple projects in a single space. Also, their clients can interact with different buildings and floors of the Maya Group projects in holographic form.

Loot Atelier – Creative Direction

MAP GLOBAL won a DSE 2019 APEX Award in the Corporate Environments category.

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