Hotel Rooms of the Future


Digital experiences in our own homes are set to radically transform over the next decade. People will be able to interact with commerce, entertainment and people like never before. It’s also likely that other industries will take advantage of these technological advancements to better their service and improve customer satisfaction. One of those industries primed to take advantage of these improvements is the hospitality industry, specifically hotels.

So far, this kind of technology is not commonly seen in hotels, not just because of technological and cost limitations, but also because of the period of mind-set change required by consumers. People are used to having all of their queries and whims answered by a human. If not executed correctly, shifting that responsibility to a robot colleague could feel impersonal.

However, some of the technologies that we are likely to see rolled out more universally will be in the actual rooms of the hotels themselves. This more unobtrusive IoT technology includes devices to display useful information quickly, help improve sleep and make sure in-room tech and personal devices work in a truly connected, personalized and seamless manner.

To find out more, check out this infographic put together by De Vere Hotels: 

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