Houston Museum of Natural Science Invests in Video Wall and Lobby Experience


Located at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS), Houston Dynamic Displays’ (HD2) L-shaped video wall consists of 63 55-inch HD displays in a 21 x 3 matrix, and measures 65 feet along one wall, and 25 feet along the other. Stunning images and exciting videos impress guests from a height of 8 feet, resulting in a beautiful and effective dissemination of museum marketing content.

Nominating Company: Houston Dynamic Displays, Houston, Texas
Venue: Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, Texas
Project: Houston Museum of Natural Science lobby and video wall
Category: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

The Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) has been investing in upgrades for the last year, and their latest project consisted of changing their lobby box office signage into an eye-catching video wall. HMNS wanted to begin catering to the needs of today’s technologically advanced consumer while benefiting the museum through increased exposure, communication, marketing and sales. HD2 created a digital display solution that met those goals at the end of May 2016 by removing the existing signage, and installing the 63 striking 55-inch HD displays that make up the new video wall. Because of the display’s notable size, HD2 manufactured and installed sturdy steel framing onto the building’s structural columns to support the weight of such a heavy installation. The finished product has contributed to increased sales because of the display’s advantageous ability to advertise, upsell and cross-sell for the museum.

There were many issues HD2 had to address. HMNS wanted to convert the displays to digital, but they were unsure about which direction to go in order to stay within a reasonable budget. Placement was an issue, and the existing signage was significantly smaller than the digital video wall was going to be. One wall didn’t seem to be enough to accommodate the kind of video wall HMNS wanted, so HD2 would have to come up with the perfect solution to the wall space issue that would satisfy the museum. With the idea in mind for a very large-scale video wall, HMNS would need an easy way to control the display. HMNS wanted to be able to quickly and easily change content as needed without having to go through any complicated steps. With these issues at hand, HD2 went to the drawing board to create the perfect solution.

When HMNS came to HD2 for a digital display solution, HD2 immediately began addressing issues. The first obstacle was deciding whether to use LED or LCD screens, but after learning more about the museum’s needs, HD2 decided LED displays were the right fit, and they were able to create one seamless picture within nine 3-foot by 3-foot displays. They were able to stay within budget and provide the museum with a solution more convenient than they expected. To overcome the issue of space, HD2 designed the video wall in an L-shape, and set up an extremely easy-to-use software that sends alerts to the customer service team in the event of a display malfunction or power outage. In order to make sure HMNS would find the video wall helpful and uncomplicated, HD2 split the displays into seven groups of nine so only seven remotes controlled the 63 displays.

HD2 created a solution that met the needs of today’s technologically advanced consumer. With distractions such as iPads, cell phones, tablets and other media players, the HMNS wanted a striking, memorable digital video wall that would attract an audience, bring new life to the museum entrance and serve as a marketing outlet. Sales have increased since the installation, and customers are visibly impressed by the large screens. The displays have acted as salesperson and marketer for the museum, engaging guests in a visually stimulating environment that has encouraged curiosity in addition museum features. Such curiosity has fostered financial growth for the museum because of up-selling and cross-selling. Additionally, the museum has been able to reduce perceived wait times by entertaining guests with exhibit highlights and IMAX previews, among other things. The video wall successfully gives the museum a fresh and attractive new look. It also has impressed visitors and increased sales every day.



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