Houston Real Estate Gets Virtual Walkthrough Capability


Houston Dynamic Displays, or HD2, is using Virtual Reality equipment to display the breathtaking, stunningly realistic virtual environments it has created for Houston’s real estate industry, making it possible to hold walkthroughs and help potential buyers in the decision-making process before construction is completed, which was not possible until now.

Nominating Company: Houston Dynamic Displays (HD2), Katy, Texas
Venue: The Monroe Bayou Park by Al Ross Luxury Homes, Houston, Texas
Project: The Monroe Bayou Park by Al Ross Luxury Homes
Category: Immersive Environments

Earlier this year, Internet giants Facebook and Google announced plans to incorporate Virtual Reality technology. This news was a sign that Houston Dynamic Displays, or HD2, had taken a leap in the right direction when it began working with Al Ross Luxury Homes to create a virtual reality experience unlike any other for the real estate industry. By using the Oculus Rift VR Headset in conjunction with the Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill, HD2 has been able to share virtual environments it creates, allowing people to walk through hallways, open doors and go up elevators that only exist in virtual reality displays. HD2’s first partner/customer is Al Ross Luxury Homes, whose luxury condominium, The Monroe Bayou Park, will break ground soon in Houston, but potential buyers can virtually walk through The Monroe before completion. Virtual Reality spaces created by HD2 help potential buyers make informed decisions quicker, and builders sell faster.

When it comes to creating Virtual Reality environments, the possibilities are endless, particularly when dealing with customers who have full confidence in our design style. This fact, while speaking remarkable volumes about HD2’s work, leaves huge potential for dissatisfaction if the environment is not what the client expected. Therefore, ambiguity seemed to be the biggest hurdle. Full liberty to create an environment our customer would fall in love with was essentially the most stressful part of the project when looking at it from a financial point of view as no company wants to waste valuable hours reworking design after design if it so happens that the customer does not connect with the work. For a company like HD2, whose top priority is customer satisfaction, it was crucial to read the customer well enough to create a finished Virtual Reality environment that left the customer in awe without having much direction.

For HD2, knowing this was a hands-off customer meant taking a closer look at the customer’s office and style, researching what luxury living meant to them by checking their website and studying renderings of their other homes and having a full understanding of how this customer wanted to represent themselves in the world of luxury living. While The Monroe Bayou Park is Al Ross Luxury Homes’ first luxury condominium, it is not their first build. Selling multi-million dollar homes in one of Houston’s finest neighborhoods, River Oaks, is how they began in real estate, so viewing photos of their existing structures made it easier to grasp the grandeur of Al Ross Luxury Homes’ style. The rooms of striking opulence; the fantastic natural light streaming through giant windows; and the openness and space in each room were all style points that we would use when creating the Virtual Reality condominium environment.

The creative imagination, research capability and collective creativity of HD2 is unstoppable. The Virtual Reality environment created for The Monroe Bayou Park left the Company with another satisfied customer and an impressive project for the start of a Virtual Reality portfolio that will continue to grow. The Monroe now has a Virtual Reality platform for allowing potential buyers to explore unfinished spaces without being limited by unsightly construction sites and the hindrance they can be to the imagination. Although The Monroe is not yet a finished structure, wait time to view it is essentially non-existent as interested parties can now view the property via Virtual Reality display equipment. Without the use of additional advertising, both HD2 and Al Ross Luxury Homes have seen an increase in interest since incorporating the use of Virtual Reality technology, a pattern that doesn’t seem to be just a trend. Al Ross Luxury Homes was also a partner on this project.

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