How Digital Signage Can Enhance Customer Experiences


A brief walk into any retail environment can sometimes seem like an assault on the senses, so it is important to reach out to customers in the right way. Digital signage is one method that can actually improve a customer’s experience rather than harm it.

Digital signage is now so innovative that it can be used in a variety of different ways around a store. It is not just to show off a special offer. It also provides interactivity, instant updates and customisable enhancements. These are all designed to not only attract attention but to engage with a customer in a new way that empowers them to access information they may not ordinarily have seen or digested.

Customer Relationships

Digital signage has been shown to boost satisfaction by as much as 46 percent in addition to increasing loyalty and audience retention. Gone are the days of simply delivering important information or brand awareness. Now, new technology has brought levels of interactivity that incorporate social media and essential tools to assist the business concerned.

The aim of every business is to convert a one-off shopper into a regular and loyal customer. That is not only achieved through the product on offer but also through the experience that customer has when they walk through the door. Digital signage plays a number of different roles in a retail environment that goes beyond delivering information and delves into the realm of reducing boredom and building a relationship.

Statistics suggest that many brands can gain as much as 33 percent in extra sales as a result of digital signage. This is because it can help to build trust and encourage the feeling that the customer is respected by the retailer.


Engagement Strategies

There are a number of ways that digital signage can be used in a retail environment, including how they work and where they are positioned. We all know how important first impressions are, which is why Welcome Boards can make such a big difference to a customer’s experience. By highlighting the brand and related message as soon as they reach you, the relationship can be solidified in an instant.

Digital menu boards give the retailer the opportunity to highlight certain products or services, and this can change throughout the day.

An Endless Aisle Kiosk allows retailers to show off more products than they could possibly hold in their store. The interactivity of these types of digital signage means that the customer is able to browse a list of products that might not be physically there in front of them.

Us Brits are good at queuing, but that doesn’t mean we like it. Providing Infotainment boards in key places can help to reduce the perceived waiting time, which means customers will feel less frustrated and more positive. That infotainment can include forms of marketing and influence as well, to further affirm the customer’s opinion.

With the digital signage industry predicted to be worth $20 billion in the next two years, it shows how much value many big retailers currently put on the medium. So can your store afford to miss out?

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