How Digital Signage Enhances User Experiences in Airports


Airports are amongst some of the busiest environments in the world, with people from various countries coming and going all day long, every single day. This opens up a whole variety of opportunities for airports, airlines and businesses, especially where digital signage is concerned. There are many different ways in which digital signage can be used, so we have put together a short guide to help you to make the most of your digital signage opportunities:

Navigating the Airport and Finding Flights

As airports are extremely big places, passengers can be forgiven for often getting confused about where they need to be, and how they can get there … especially in the case of foreign visitors. In order to help visitors with this, airports use digital signage and wayfinding touchscreens to display a range of helpful information including flight times, gate numbers, maps and instructions.

Airports have a big focus on providing passengers with an easy, enjoyable experience to partner with their holiday or business travel, and so they do everything they can to provide all of the relevant information to help passengers along the way.


The advertisement opportunities available to airports via digital signage are astronomical, and this is purely down to the large volumes of people that walk in and out of their doors each and every day. These large numbers of people usually have a certain amount of time where they are sitting around and trying to find something to do to pass away the time before their flight. With this in mind, if you are able to create engaging content, people are more likely to look at it and remember any messages that you are trying to get across. With text, imagery, video and sound available to you, you have the ability to capture a large audience and turn them into paying customers.

Airport Security and Safety

With airport security constantly being reviewed and updated, there are always new procedures and regulations being introduced. Digital signage is the perfect way to display these, ensuring that everybody can stay safe and feel secure in the knowledge that there are measures in place to minimize any risk to them. Relevant safety information can be added to the digital signage content in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing, and therefore, more engaging. This ensures that everybody takes note of the information.

Entertaining Passengers

As airport bosses may well be aware, airports have a reputation for being boring places full of stress and long waits. However, with digital signage, you have the chance to entertain your passengers in a way that they will never have experienced before at airports. With news channels, movies, TV programs and other interactive entertainment, you can turn a potentially disgruntled passenger into one that enjoyed their experience and will return again in the future.

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