How Innovative Foto Used Quividi’s Audience & Attention Analytics to Increase Vending Sales by More Than 24 Percent


New-York, 04/06/2018 Innovative Foto is the largest manufacturer, operator and distributor of digital imaging photo booths in the United States with 2,400 booths operating nationwide. Its fleet, installed in malls, retail stores, movie theaters, and hundreds of other consumer destinations, yields tens of millions of customer interactions annually, and is seen by millions of passersby each month.

Innovative Foto’s booths feature a 43 (37”Tall x 21”Wide) inch screen on the outside of the unit, showing messages to entice consumers to engage and interact with the machines.

In 2017, Innovative Foto started collaborating with Quividi to measure and classify the audiences around their units and hopefully better convert them into sales of photo strips.

Innovative Foto wanted to understand the audience traffic at a selection of locations to confirm the messaging was enticing and resonating with the audience. They ran a two-week test where they analyzed the audience around the booth and then compared it to the purchasing and interactions times within the booth. 

With the audience data from week one, Innovative Foto had the goal during week two, to optimize the creative content played on the screen to better target the audience that was around the booth. This would be measured by tracking the changes to the attraction rate and measuring any impact on purchases.

The results were impressive: Innovative Foto increased retail purchases at their vending machines by over 24%.

Innovative Foto and Quividi produced a report detailing the initiative, which can be downloaded here:

About Innovative Foto –

Innovative FOTO is the leading supplier and largest manufacturer of today’s most innovative photo booths.

The company owns and operates nearly 3,000 photo booths at major tourist destinations (malls, theaters, zoos, amusement parks, and other high traffic locations). In addition, the company has a new line of new photo booths designed exclusively with the event rental industry in mind. Innovative FOTO is an international supplier to distributors and operators in over 30 countries.

Innovative FOTO is a wholly owned subsidiary of DNP Imagingcomm America, a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

About Quividi – 

Quividi’s In Real-Time & In Real Life data unlock the full potential of programmatic trading and contextual advertisement for screen network operators, agencies and advertisers.

Created in 2006, Quividi is the industry standard for Audience and Attention Analytics in DOOH with over 600 end-customers and 1 billion people counted every month in 80+ countries. Quividi’s computer-vision technology measures viewability, views and attention time, which elevate DOOH to the most accountable digital medium available today. Its creative and marketing suite also enables campaign creation and optimization, based on context and audience engagement (demographics, mood, environment…).

Quividi’s solutions fully respect privacy, they never store any face images or collect any biometric identifiers and personal data.

Twitter: @quividi


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