How to Make the Most of Your Property’s Digital Signage

  1. Showcase Active Listings

One of the primary advantages of digital signage is having a completely self-owned advertising platform at your fingertips. You can use screens to display high-res slideshows of listings, or even incorporate virtual tours of your latest properties to hit the market. Make sure to include agent contact information, or the properties website, along with baseline property facts.

  1. Welcome New Tenants

Once a tenant is signed, how do you keep them engaged as a client? One way to start is to share a custom welcome message across your property’s digital signage any time a new tenant moves in. Not only does this build upon the relationship between you and your new tenant, but it also shows existing tenants that their building is still in demand.

  1. Share National & Local News

Long gone are the days of 9 to 5, and with them went stale office culture. Nowadays, we socialize, exercise, dine, network, shop and make doctor’s visits, all within the confines of our office buildings. Providing breaking local and national news is a great method of connecting tenants to the world outside, but unlike other amenities, it requires zero square footage. Digital signage is an easy way of doing this, either manually, with a service such as Captivate, or with a widget from the likes of Enplug[1] or Mvix[2].

  1. Allow Retailers to Advertise On Screen

Unless you’ve spent the last few years living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the recent plight of retail, which reached such heights in 2017 that it has been dubbed “The Great Retail Apocalypse.”[3] It has forced real estate professionals to be constantly looking for new ways to support their retail tenants, but fortunately for those with access to digital signage, a great tool is already available. Digital signage allows retail tenants to reach their closest target audience – the people in their own building – so let them promote new products, promotions and events on your screens. To give them a bigger boost in foot traffic, take it to the next level and have your retailers set up discounts specifically for office tenants sharing space in the same property.

  1. Have Tenants Participate

The more tenants are engaged with their building, the more satisfied they will be with their overall experience, which in turn, leads to higher retention rates. There are fun ways to engage your tenants interactively with your digital signage. For instance, host a selfie contest and post the winners with the best submissions. A “view from the office contest” could work similarly, or have your tenants highlight new hires and birthdays of their key employees.

  1. Improve Wayfinding

Does your building have a complex layout? Multiple lobbies? Do your tenants get a lot of visitors? If you answered yes to any of these, you may want to consider using signage to improve wayfinding in your building. Simply share a building plan to your lobby screen that plays periodically and clearly guides viewers. Or, for tenant visitors, create and post a tenant directory or integrate one of several digital plug-ins or services to do it for you.

  1. Put the Spotlight on Internal Initiatives

A large chunk of your firm’s HR or public relations division’s roles is developing and building support behind green and philanthropic initiatives. Digital signage is a great way to share these programs to a wider audience of colleagues and tenants. In my building, a toy drive is held semi-annually, and each time it comes around, the initiative is marketed building-wide on our elevator screens. Management also frequently posts green tips for offices and workers to reduce their ecological footprint. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Support Security

For commercial real estate professionals, security is no joke. The threat of violence is not only a concern to tenants, but if proper preemptive actions aren’t taken by the property owner, liability may lead to major costs. Digital signage can serve to improve security response preparedness in several ways. There are simple steps you can take like posting emergency protocols and exit strategies to your screens. Then, there are fully integrated systems like the Mvix Emergency Alerts widget [4].

  1. Show Off Your Brand

Digital signage, when used well, is engaging and attention grabbing, which makes it a great tool for promoting your company brand. Make sure to include your company logo on any messages you share on digital signage, or have your creative team give them the full branded treatment before posting. To impress building visitors, highlight your biggest and best completed projects onscreen. Your marketing team will love it.

  1. Post Facility Information

Digital screens have a number of practical purposes for building management, including serving as a more effective replacement to email blasts. Emails containing important information regarding construction notices, fire safety protocol, and contact changes often go unread, so supplement them with messages that pop on your digital signage. If your amenities aren’t getting the attention they deserve, try highlighting them on your screens as well.





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