How to Shop for Solutions at DSE 2020


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With all the industry leaders showcasing their latest digital signage technology products and services in the DSE Exhibit Hall, it’s hard to know where to start as the mere sight of the expansive show floor can be not only intimidating, but also overwhelming. If you know what you’re looking for in a broad sense – such as displays, mounts and media players – both the DSE website and the mobile app make it easy to start building a plan. And having a game plan going in will make your DSE experience more productive.

If you’re brand new to digital signage, take a look at this article on Digital Signage Connection (an online link to the digital signage community for industry rookies and veterans alike, created in partnership with DSE). It will walk you through the seven key elements of digital signage, including hardware, software and more.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the elements of digital signage, the question becomes “Where do I start?” And the answer, as mentioned above, is the DSE website or mobile app.

For the website, you’ll want to navigate to the DSE Exhibitor List and select the Advanced Search tab. Check each category that you’re interested in and click ‘Search.’ You’ll see a listing of each company that has indicated that they sell that type of product or service, along with their booth number.

With the DSE 2020 mobile app, powered by 22MILES, you can similarly plan your event by identifying relevant companies in addition to finding your way and keeping track of your DSE experience. The app features augmented reality wayfinding for seamless navigation of the entire show floor. With a few taps, you’ll be on your way to any location in the exhibit hall, led by easy, instinctive turn-by-turn directions. Download  from your app store by searching DSE 2020!

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