Hoyts Cinemas Becomes “Australia’s Ultimate Entertainment Destination”


Hoyts new cinema located in the southern hemisphere’s largest shopping complex at Chadstone, Victoria, is worthy of the title “Australia’s ultimate entertainment destination.” The cinema is enhanced with 80 LED and LCD displays, providing a customer experience equal to its spectacular location and the cinema’s use of cutting-edge technology.

Nominating Company: Command Digital Signage – Australia, Mulgrave, NSW, Australia
Venue: Hoyts Cinemas, Chadstone, Victoria, Australia
Project: Hoyts Cinemas – Chadstone
Category: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

With the opportunity to build a new cinema, Hoyts was challenged to create an environment that would not only provide a great customer experience, but build a location that is now the flagship cinema in Australia. Command Digital Signage was given the challenge of providing the digital signage technology to fit Hoyts’ expectations and the architect’s vision from the point of entry, through the food court, to the entry of each of the cinemas.

Each area within the cinema complex required a screen solution suitable for the location in both size, configuration and visual appeal, including LED walls for the entry foyer and LED cylinders made to specific sizes to fit the food kiosks. The solution required various types of video wall configurations and the introduction of LED technology for the first time within the cinema group. The total solution was to work in conjunction with the Hoyts digital signage software and the IP-based audio system. The installation of more than 80 screens was required while the cinema was still under intense construction to meet the opening deadline.

Command supplied and installed solutions for each location. The entry includes a 3-meter by 5-meter 3-millimeter LED display for promotions and Sxl LCD video wall underneath for session details. The box office includes a 4×2 promotional and 4xl session video wall. Eat Street has a 4×2.5m 3mm LED wall and digital menu boards. Treat City has three circular architect designed self-serve counters for drinks, candy and popcorn which include large 3-millimeter LED cylinders displaying graphics designed with a seamless effect that produce an outstanding visual experience. Cinema waiting areas have 4xl and 3×3 video walls for promotions. Custom-made kiosks with backlit cinema numbers and a 55-inch display for promos and a movie start countdown are located at each cinema entry. The prestigious LUX foyer has a session screen, 2×2 entry video wall and inside, 6xl video walls for visual effect. Careful planning, preparation and fluid installation methods succeeded in meeting the deadline.

Hoyts Chadstone opened in October 2016 with results already exceeding expectations. The digital signage is only one component of this world-class cinema. However, it is effective in providing a dynamic visual experience for the customers before they even enter the theatre with their reclining seats, mega screens and award-winning RGB laser projector.

The spectacular Welcome Wall has become a central meeting point, and the LED cylinder displays have become a focal point for photographs and videos.

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