The Hudson Yards “Experience Center” Previews Future Living Space


The Hudson Yards “Experience Center” is a sales laboratory using technology to tell the story of a Manhattan building and neighborhood that don’t yet exist. Video walls, interactive building models, 360-degree projection and touchscreen kiosks let buyers virtually experience aspects of the planned community-culture, transportation, restaurants and green space.

Nominating Company: SenovvA Inc., Los Angeles, California
Venue: Hudson Yards Building 15 Marketing Center, New York, New York
Project: The Hudson Yards “Experience Center”
Category: Business & Government Services

The related companies needed a way to showcase the luxury condos and community amenities planned for the new neighborhood at Hudson Yards in order to show buyers. Since the residential tower at 1 5 Hudson Yards doesn’t exist yet, tours of the model homes are impossible. SenovvA teamed with Rockwell Labs to create an interactive sales laboratory located on the 24th floor of 10 Hudson Yards, the first completed building of the overall project. The Experience Center’s September 2016 opening was timed to coincide with when the condominiums for 1 5 Hudson Yards would be made available for sale. The goal for the design team was to use technology to create an engaging, immersive experience that would give potential buyers a feeling for what it might be like to live in the community when it was complete. SenovvA’s role was to design and install the audio video infrastructure, servers and equipment.

The main challenge was how to represent a physical space that does not exist. How do you create an environment that would provide the guest with the experience and essence of the venue in an 18,000 –square-foot suite?

Neighborhood Room: SenovvA’s triptych video wall creates a single canvas for video content with 33 46-inch high-resolution video monitors. A model of Manhattan sits on a table with a custom-designed 3×3 video surface. Buttons in the table control video content on the wall and table. A separate model of the Hudson Yards site has each building embedded with LEDs controlled by the custom-built table below. A kiosk with a touch-glass interface and a 1 5-monitor video wall comprise the rest of the display.

Outdoor Room: This 24-inch diameter room puts visitors at the heart of a 360-degree video projection. Barco F35 projectors display CCI animation with a seamless eight-foot-high image.

Model apartments: Model apartments have 11 10-foot x 4-foot ”windows.” Each window is a rear projection screen serviced by two Christie Captiva projectors. Using Pandora’s Box servers allows those 11 windows and 22 projectors to be one contiguous canvas for virtual cityscape views.

Sales data is not available at this time. Recent press reports a stream of 25 to 30 potential buyers a day (seven days a week) have been through the Experience Center since it opened in September 2016. The same press reports a wait list of 6,000 inquiries.

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