Humana Community Fitness Center’s Digital Installation Mimics Movement


The design of the Wel at Humana community fitness center is intentionally intriguing and enticing, encouraging engagement, conversation, and wellness above all. The digital installation, located at the center stair, immediately wows visitors with bright lights, energetic content, and interactivity triggered by motion. At this hub of activity, people from all walks of life are inspired to live a healthy lifestyle.

Nominating Company: IA Interior Architects, Chicago, Illinois
Venue: Wel at Humana™, Louisville, Kentucky
Project: Wel at Humana community fitness center
Category: Entertainment & Recreation

Located on Louisville’s Main Street, the new fitness center is an opportunity for Humana to share its wellness mission with the local community. The digital display personifies this vision with an energetic and artistic statement. Utilizing some of the most advanced applications of digital graphic technology, the content is not only engaging and creative, but can also be customized to Humana’s future needs. See Virtual Tour here:

IA’s team worked directly with Lellan to utilize their Digital Canvas product in new ways. The end result is a highly interactive sensory experience as the display responds to movement with colors, motion, and light, encouraging and celebrating activity in the space. This feature is visible from the street and centrally located at the stair so that everyone can see it. IA programmed several custom motion clips that change throughout the day and created a custom content management application.

IA created a segmented display layout, which is challenging without fabricating a complete custom installation. The layout was not only segmented, but also at a corner that had two different types of surfaces, wood and brick. The 26-foot-long installation also exceeded the standard product limitation for wiring and data transfer. Interactivity in such a dynamic place was crucial. However, creating custom interactive content driven by the motion from a camera was challenging since the Lellan product had never been utilized for this type of display and the existing management tools did not have the necessary functionality. Lellan and IA worked together to overcome these challenges with a semi-custom solution.

wel at humana fitness center picSOLUTIONS
IA chose Lellan’s Digital Canvas product because of its modularity and flexibility, making it cost effective. With Lellan LED tiles, not only were we able to create an extremely dynamic display layout, but we also could work with corners and different types of surfaces without impacting wiring and alignment.

IA worked together with Lellan on the customization of the wiring for the unique layout, accommodating the 26-foot-long area and creating a smooth transfer of data. IA also created a custom content management software that can stream interactive or pre-made content within a preset schedule.

For interactivity, IA developed a selective optical flow motion detection algorithm that allows the live camera feed to detect motion on the stairs. This motion data is then fed into the content template that generates motion graphics on the LED tiles at the respective location.

Wel at Humana is not just a fitness center for employees, but a place of wellness for the local community.
“It’s impossible to not feel inspired and motivated when you walk through the door! Such a great amenity for mind, body, and soul,” said a particular user.

In comparison to Humana’s former facility, membership has increased by 126 percent and daily usage from 250 to 475.

The dynamic layout of the digital display installation added a unique look and function to the connecting stair. The interactivity generates an ambient motion that mimics the liveliness of the space in a sophisticated manner and transforms the stair into a fun activity. As one of the examples of interactive content, users can generate a real-time wave animation when they walk up or down, reflecting the wellness and community emphasis of the Wel at Humana brand and infusing the space with liveliness and inspiration.

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