iLocks Releases New Tablet Kiosk Stands


iLocks Releases New Tablet Kiosk Stands, the BOB and the EZYNunawading VIC (PRWEB) August 12, 2016—More and more businesses are getting involved with utilising tablet displays in their reception areas and retail stores. These versatile installations provide added value for consumers and make it easier to facilitate check-ins and purchases using this modern technology.

BossTab recently released two new tablet stands to be sold by iLocks in the Australian market; the BOB and the EZY. Both tablet stands offer clean cable management, with the tablet’s power cable running through the centre of the stand. Not only does this provide a sleek look, but it also keeps the device fully charged at all times so users will never have to worry about the tablet losing power in the middle of collecting customers’ information or displaying promotional details.

Both tablet stand models come in freestanding and mounted versions so users can give them permanence, like for check-in counters, or can move them around as needed, like when giving presentations to shareholders. For the freestanding versions, cable locks are available to help reduce the risk of theft.

These tablet stands offer high levels of security in that they can only be opened with the unique barrel key that comes with the stand. Only the owner of the stand is in possession of the key, keeping the tablet secure at all times. For users who wish to use the same key for multiple tablet stands, duplicate locks are available.

Both the BOB and the EZY are made from high-quality, heavy-duty materials to keep the tablets protected from damage due to spills or accidental bumps. Particularly in high-traffic environments, this strength and durability gives users peace of mind that the tablet is safe from damage.

The BOB stand is designed with an aesthetically pleasing look. The curved dome on the bottom gives a modern appeal that looks great in contemporary environments. The tablet enclosure is raised up above the dome and can easily be flipped and rotated to accommodate different viewing styles. The internal sensors in the tablet enable it to switch seamlessly between portrait and landscape viewing, and sales associates can easily flip the tablet back and forth between themselves and the customers.

The EZY stand features a compact design that is ideally suited when portability is necessary. The kickstand at the back keeps the tablet at a comfortable 45-degree viewing angle when resting on a table, and rubber feet on the bottom prevent the tablet from sliding around during use. The stand is lightweight and easy to pass back and forth between various users.

Both tablet stands can accommodate most major tablet brands, including Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, and Microsoft’s Surface. The tablet stand base is designed to fit any tablet, and users can purchase the appropriate face plate for their preferred tablet brand. Should they change their mind at a later date, they need only to buy a new face plate, rather than having to replace the entire stand. Both stands are available in black or white to suit various retail and business environments.

About BossTab:

BossTab is an American tablet stand manufacturer that has partnered with iLocks to distribute its products in the Australian market. The company is a leader in the tablet stand space, as this is their primary product line. The organisation strives to stay on top of current trends in the industry and is constantly evolving to suit changing business and consumer preferences when it comes to tablet stands and kiosks.


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