Immersive 3D Experience at Super Bowl Live Projection Dome


The Super Bowl Live Projection Dome captivated visitors and motivated thousands of fans to stand in the freezing cold of Minneapolis for a chance to witness the immersive 3D show. At 50-feet-wide and 30-feet-tall, the projection dome, wrapped in a massive, eye-catching Super Bowl-branded display that acted as a billboard and attracted lots of attention, boasted 52 seats inside for fans to watch the show produced by GMR Marketing and bluemedia.

Nominating Company: bluemedia, Tempe, Arizona
Venue: Super Bowl 52/Super Bowl Live Projection Dome, Tempe, Arizona
Project: Super Bowl 52/Super Bowl Live Projection Dome
Category: Experiential Design & Planning

Commissioned by the NFL, GMR and bluemedia partnered together to create an immersive 360-degree live theater experience for fans for Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis. The NFL decided on the ‘#BoldNorth’ show theme, and GMR and bluemedia ran with it to creatively incorporate Super Bowl highlights and build fan excitement while showcasing the bold (and cold) beauty of Minnesota. It took roughly four months for the team to concept the story and produce the animation from start to finish in preparation for the unveiling of the Super Bowl Live Projection Dome.

Working in and installing a project in sub-zero temperatures creates a host of challenges. During our dome installation, and while the experience was open to fans, we had to combat the elements including rain, wind, snow, sleet and hail. We had safety concerns for people walking around and waiting outside during these conditions.

In addition, the dome cover was in danger of cracking during installation due to the cold temperatures. For the video, we had only 12 weeks to create an exciting, engaging experience that would wow visitors and fans that came to the dome. It was up to us to ensure that what we created lived up to the high standards of the NFL.

To combat the elements, we hired ground crews to help with the constant shoveling, salting and sanding of the ground outside the dome to ensure safety for workers and fans. We also worked constantly to keep the inside of the dome clean of mud, water and snow that was tracked inside.

With temperatures ranging between 0 and 30 degrees, we were coming up with a contingency plan in case our printed dome cover were to crack during installation. Luckily, a 46-degree day came at just the right time, giving us the perfect opportunity to install the colorful cover. Without it, we likely would not have seen the same level of traffic to the dome.

For the 3D video experience, we worked closely with our partners, GMR and the NFL, to incorporate the Great Bold North theme as well as past NFL experiences thereby creating excitement for the upcoming game.

bluemedia dome pic

More than 27,000 fans visited the dome and saw the show during the eight days leading up to Super Bowl LII. There were lines to get into the dome every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. With such a high number of people bearing the cold and waiting in long lines, it is obvious that they were drawn to the experience not only because it looked so exciting and could be seen for blocks, but because people were talking about the experience and sharing it with their friends and contacts on social media. In all, the team overcame great challenges, and we created a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience for locals and Super Bowl goers alike.

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