Indira Gandhi International Airport Tackles First-Ever LED Project


Tim Delhi Airport Advertising (TIMDAA) raised its first-ever LED projects at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in Delhi by installing 50 square meters of LED at three vantage locations, targeting 100 percent of the traffic at Delhi Airport. This includes four-sided iconic pillars and two big, eye-catching displays that lend a competitive edge in terms of technology, passenger targeting and maximized revenue.

Nominating Company: Tim Delhi Airport Advertising Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, Delhi, India
Venue: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi
Project: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi First-Ever LED Project
Category: Transportation

The current state of the Indian out-of-home industry is a turning point. Advertisers are embracing DOOH slowly and steadily. Since the policies are changing, a big shift from static OOH to DOOH is in place. India is one of the markets where the spending capacity of brands is huge compared to other matured markets; hence we expect that DOOH will take the Indian OOH industry by storm. Indian marketers have realized the need for DOOH since we have seen impactful and innovative DOOH campaigns across the globe. TIMDAA then decided to introduce the first-ever LED project, which could compete with the future technologies. The LED walls are fully custom-designed and consist of LED modules of the finest pixel pitch (P2.5 millimeter). This media is located at the vantage points of the Delhi Airport, bringing value to the brands.

Safety was a major concern as installation of a majority of the LED walls was carried out at a critical height. The technological and aesthetic challenges for the project team were to install and commission these large displays on the operational terminal without hampering the passenger movement/flow. As the footfall is very high at these vantage locations, there was a limited time available for the installation and commissioning of this video wall, but our project team managed to get this through on time without any inconvenience to the passengers. Content on the screens needed to be perfectly synchronized to give a very crisp visual experience for the consumers and clients.

Being the first LED installation by TIMDAA at Delhi Airport, a detailed R&D on product selection and features identification was carried out. TIMDAA worked in tandem with Samsung for procurement of LED tiles. The team at the Airport selected a 2.5-millimeter fine pixel pitch for installation of 50 square meters to provide a seamless display. Making the best possible impression on millions of travelers every year, TIMDAA installed these LED walls at high-end locations that were visible to all arrival and departure passengers. These LED walls have a high brightness of 1200 nits and a very high refresh rate of more than 3000 Hz. The supported colors for this product are 11.2 trillion. Controllers used in the LED walls provide a high resolution that is connected to our centralized CMS SCALA server via fiber optic cables. The project was executed with minimum intervention to existing operational services at the airport.


High Reach: The LED walls are considered an innovation and deliver enhanced value to brands that can showcase their products exclusively to 100 percent of arriving passengers.

Dwell Time: A high dwell time of 30 to 40 minutes in retail and the check-in area makes passengers more interested in brands.

Reliability: 99.9 percent uptime since October of 2017, which is a pride to achieve and give confidence to the client to occupy such sites

Efficiency: Centralized control through SCALA using fiber optic cables, which is the best content management methodology.

As soon as these walls were launched, clients such as Samsung, NTT communications, and Aditya Birla Capital witnessed the media and came on board.

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