Industry-Specific Keynotes Kick Off Wednesday Education at DSE


In addition to a keynote luncheon on Thursday, March 30, the DSE 2017 conference program will include a keynote session for each of its eight tracks, ranging from retail to digital out-of-home network operators to corporate communications to pro AV/IT systems integrators.

Each Wednesday keynote session will take place at 8 a.m., immediately prior to the first session in each track, five of which are dedicated to digital signage end users.

K1 – Introduction to Digital Signage: A Roadmap for Success
Digital signage is based on the ability to capture attention and improve the viewer experience while providing the most relevant and targeted message at the most appropriate time, doing so in a more welcoming and interesting environment. Therefore, it is critical to understand the key elements that go into each and every digital signage project. This session will provide a roadmap of the key elements of digital signage and a step-by-step process that can be used as a continuing reference to fully understand what needs to be done and in what order to ensure the success of a project.
Speaker: Alan Brawn, Brawn Consulting

K2 – The Integration “Tonight Show”
Effective integration is the key to gaining the benefits of digital signage. Integration expertise reduces project timeframe, cost and risk while assuring that that end users are most cost-effectively served by the medium. Integrating all the elements that comprise the solution — such as hardware, software, connectivity, installation, operations and administration — demands attention to the requirement and the way that the medium will be integrated into the physical environment and the operations toward achieving business goals. As the role of the integrator changes, so are the demands on this vital element of the digital signage supply chain.
Panelists: Lyle Bunn, BUNN; Jerry Harris, Georgia Aquarium; Laura Davis-Taylor, MaxMedia; Mike White, Unified AV

K3 – State of the Digital Out-of-Home Media Industry 2017
This in-depth presentation on the state of the U.S. and Global Digital Out-of-Home media sector relative to the broader media industry and overall economic conditions will provide attendees with exclusive market intelligence, current tracking data and forecasts covering place-based video networks, digital billboards and signage, and interactive kiosks operating across a dozen key venue and location categories. Attendees will learn from market insights supported by the most credible, consistent and actionable strategic intelligence on DOOH advertising by leveraging current data from PQ Media’s renowned Global DOOH Media Forecast Series, the industry’s annual performance benchmark since 2006.
Speaker: Patrick Quinn, PQ Media

K4 – How Coca-Cola Uses Digital Signage at a Global Scale
Working with a myriad of partners across the globe, The Coca-Cola Company encountered unique challenges in developing a comprehensive digital signage strategy. Specifically, Coca-Cola needed a mechanism to maximize signage value across screens at restaurants, retail outlets and other venues in more than 200 countries. Join The Coca-Cola Company, in partnership with Google, to learn how it developed a global, cross-platform digital signage framework — and how digital signage plays an irreplaceable role in the future of consumer branding.
Speakers: Chris Lydle, Google Cloud; Greg Chambers, Coca-Cola

K5 – Learn How to Get Started with Data-Driven Digital Signage from TGI Fridays
You have just invested a sizeable amount of money in implementing your in-store digital menu boards. What is the best way to accelerate your ROI? Making sure you deliver the right content in the correct context. How is that accomplished? By leveraging the data you have at hand as well as some basic algorithms to implement data driven digital signage. This session will help you get started.
Speaker: Oliver Vagner, TGI Fridays

K6 – Learning from Corporate Communications Wins (and Losses)
Corporate communications are thinly spread across email, intranet sites, social media, cork-boards, weekly meetings and quarterly town halls. Is digital signage just another partial solution to communicate to the masses? How can you be sure that it’s right for your organization? Who do you need to partner with to improve your chances of success? What resources do (and don’t) you need internally? How do you differentiate digital signage from all the other “medias”?
Speaker: Dwayne Brown, Rogers Communications

K7 – Emergency Alerts: Failure is Not an Option
“Evil people and evil situations perform their evil deeds at evil times of the day.” Creating an emergency notification system on any campus has become “Mission Critical” in this day and age. Emergency situations come in all flavors, and you don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing the time of your next campus crisis. Are you now, or WILL your campus be, prepared when “The Button” needs to be pushed? This keynote session will explore the Best Practices to the efficient alerting of your campus constituencies during emergent events.
Speaker: Spencer Graham, West Virginia University

K8 – Evolve or Die – Digital Engagement Needs to Change
The model of customer interactions with digital content and spaces needs to change to stay relevant and engaging. The approaches used today are based on very old models. This session will explore how to change the model to “Ambient” or “Transparent” intelligence.
Speaker: Todd Van Nurden, Microsoft

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