‘Infinity’ Experience at SXSW Uses Projectors to Transform Space


Featured as an art program installation at SXSW 2017, ‘Infinity’ is an immersive environment project by Refik Anadol that creates a perception of presence in a non-physical world. Using Epson’s Pro L1505U large-venue laser projectors, Anadol deconstructed the framework of false space and the normal boundaries of the viewing experience by transforming the conventional flat cinema projection screen into a three-dimensional moving space that created a visual art immersion without any technological barriers.

Nominating Company: Epson America, Inc., Long Beach, California
Venue: Infinity, Campbell, California
Project: Infinity
Category: Experiential Design & Planning


Refik Anadol crafts alternate realities through architecture, projection and sound. At SXSW 2017, Anadol leveraged four of Epson’s Pro L1505U large-venue laser projectors’ high image quality and flexible integration capabilities in his audiovisual installation project ‘Infinity,’ which is an immersive environment that creates a perception of presence in a nonphysical world. Delivering incredibly bright and powerful imagery in a compact and quiet form, the Pro L1505U projectors enabled Anadol to create his visual art immersion without any technological barriers.

The idea of “space” is continually challenged as digital objects engulf our everyday lives. Despite these challenges, architecture tries to embrace these fluid concepts. In addition, architects, media artists and engineers are tasked with the gradual development of an immersive environment and global computing to express their visions.

Anadol works to tackle these challenges in his ‘Infinity’ experiment by translating the logic of a new media technology into spatial design. Light is a major element of the project and is used to blur and interconnect the boundaries between actual and physical realms as the gateway between the space created by the projection technology and physical space. Given the already existing challenges faced, Anadol needed a projector solution that allowed him to focus on the art experience without worrying about the technology.

Epson’s Pro L1505U laser projectors deliver sharper images and brilliant colors in addition to providing flexible integration capabilities Anadol needed to bring his artistic vision to life without the drawbacks of restrictive technology equipment. Epson’s Pro L1000-Series laser projectors are the first projectors to integrate a laser-light source with an inorganic phosphor wheel in combination with inorganic LCD panels and Epson’s proprietary 3LCD technology to deliver advanced performance, quality, reliability and flexible installation.

Delivering powerful, uncompromising images, plus virtually maintenance-free operation and exceptional integration capabilities, including diverse connectivity, the Pro L1505U laser projectors enabled Anadol to create his visual art immersion without any technological barriers. In addition, viewers of the ‘Infinity’ installation were able to fully appreciate the seamless convergence of art and technology with the support of Epson’s Pro L1505U laser projectors.


Three years in the making, Anadol’s installation known as ‘Infinity’ began as an essential part of his ongoing ‘Temporary Immersive Environment Experiments,’ which is a study on audio/visual installations using ‘immersion’ or the state of consciousness where one’s awareness of physical self is transformed by being surrounded in an engrossing environment that creates a perception of presence in a non-physical world.

Through the careful programming of light, participants’ physical and mental state was dramatically altered, creating the psychedelic perception of presence in a non-physical world. The ultimate result is an intense small space that offers sensory withdrawal and surplus all at once.

Epson America, Inc.

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