Innovative Foto Launches new Advertising Division Digital Experiential Media Network DEMN


Innovative Foto (, the leading national provider of networked Photobooth kiosks is pleased to announce that it has expanded with a new division Digital Experiential Media Network (DEMN) responsible for ad agency campaigns, experiential activations and digital programmatic advertising.

DEMN will be using the current network of 2,200 in-venue permanent placement units across the United States to offer new multi-sensory advertising experiences. Current kiosk placements include high profile retailers, malls, cinemas, restaurants, hospitality venues, and national amusement centers who have opted in for a new revenue stream to include ad enabled branded experiences.

Traditionally the photo booths offer high quality image / video capture, editing and manipulation in addition to the ability to post to social media for online distribution and viewing. The new division is responsible for promoting the new free experience for the consumer, but paid for by third party advertising partners. Instead of paying the guest has an option to watch a short commercial or movie preview to participate. Each kiosk can be customized to fit a client’s needs on a pay per engagement model.

The Kiosks feature 24” and 42” monitors for exterior digital signage and an internal touchscreen for additional interactivity. Each unit comes with the latest high quality dye sub printers from DNP Japan and backed by the Innovative Foto national network of field technicians. Advertising innovations include Quividi camera audience analytical software. Thanks to the Quividi enhancements DEMN delivers real-time audience analytics that include gender, age, attention, mood thus delivering real value to DEMN advertising partners.

In addition the booths have new experiential features where venues and marketers can leverage intimate sessions as guests literally close a privacy “curtain” to engage with the video recording camera for high value measurable marketing results. Ad agencies and media buyers interested in finding out more can register now at for test campaigns to assist them in understanding the new platform. “We are bringing Google like analytics and the ability to properly account for experiential marketing expenditures in the field using a pay per engagement model that offers hard data to agencies.” commented Joel Martin DEMN Director of Innovation and Media Sales. He continued “We want the broadcast media buyer and experiential producer to come together and realize how this is a digital strategy that can produce a real world experience at a fraction of the traditional cost to brands.”

Stephen Williams Senior Director of the new division believes that the key will be the ability to reduce waste in digital and mobile marketing expenses.  He went on to state “Unlike traditional models our kiosks reduce waste by offering 100% viewership and accountability tied to a mobile number. There are no evil bots, no click fraud, not CMP estimates of foot traffic. Thanks to Quividi we know the exact foot traffic, we know the view ability rates, we know who are our audience is 100% of the time and we only charge you for the phone numbers we activate with.”

About Innovative Moto

Based in Salem, New Hampshire, Innovative Moto has 80 percent market share of the US photo booth in-venue kiosk distribution. The Innovative Moto booth “real estate” is unmatched–more than 2,400 booths in North America operating at indoor and outdoor venues since 1995–dominating malls/shopping centers, retail, movie theaters, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, museums and tourist destinations with a fleet that yields nearly 30 million interactions annually.

Enterprise partners / customers include: Sea World, Bush Gardens, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Rainforest Cafe, GGP Malls, Hard Rock Cafe, Cinemark, AMC Theaters, Cedar Fair, Six Flags, Chucky Cheeses, San Diego Zoo, Mars Corporation, and more.

Innovative Foto is wholly owned under DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation ( established in July of 1976. Having offices in New York, Los Ange-les, and Silicon Valley, DNP America focuses its operations in graphic printing services, decorative materials, packaging, functional films, card related products and security solutions, as well as electronic devices to the North and South American markets.

DNP America is a subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) ( ) a publicly traded company established in 1876 with $15 billion dollars in annual revenue and 45,000 global employees. Headquartered in Tokyo Japan DNP is known worldwide for its printers and imaging technology.

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