Innuvo Rebrands to Combine A/V, Security, and Networking Divisions


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., December 05, 2018 — PriVID Eye Systems and ViVID A/V Solutions have always been the same company with two separate divisions for Security and A/V Solutions. Recently, the two divisions have rebranded to form Innuvo, a comprehensive company providing full-service A/V, Security, and Networking services in South Florida with 24+ years of experience.

With two divisions, there was always a need for two of everything – from websites, to graphics, to email addresses. The objective was to rebrand and utilize a name that did not target the company in any specific industry.

Innuvo, short for ‘Innovation’ and ‘Innovative’ was chosen to represent how the company is cutting-edge, original, and always on the forefront of all A/V, Security, and networking advances. The company wanted a name that was simple, catchy, and easy to remember.

Since 1995, PriVID Eye Systems provided top-notch security system integration in the commercial, industrial and retail application of Digital CCTV, Access Control and Burglar Alarm Systems, as well as Remote Video Transmission and Audio/Intercom solutions.

Similarly, ViVID A/V Solutions created an unparalleled service for all commercial and residential needs. The company has provided commercial applications such as conference rooms, boardrooms, video teleconference, training rooms, classrooms, and digital signage to clients such as Porsche and Nova Southeastern University. In addition, they specialize in residential solutions such as in-home theater installation and complete home automation, audio visual installation and low-voltage wiring.

President Michael Spring along with his VP of Sales and Marketing, Larry Sattler, realized that by combining the two key areas of operation, the focus could be more full-service and all-comprehensive to better serve any commercial and residential needs.

Innuvo now serves commercial and residential properties with all A/V, security, and networking needs. The company’s full-service team guides the client through every step. Creative design teams help clients turn ideas into blueprints, trained technicians install systems, and experts explain how to use them. The all-inclusive company now provides a comprehensive experience to ease the client’s A/V, security and networking systems implementation with custom solutions.
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