Installation of the Week: Orchestral DOOH


Interactivity is a great way to get millennials and digital natives to appreciate substance. Take this story out of Hungary for example. Being nestled among Austria, the Danube River and the gateway to Eastern Europe, Hungary has no shortage of cultural history, and least of all musical history. Such greats as Béla Bartók, Franz Liszt and György Ligeti all called Hungary home, and The Budapest Festival Orchestra is considered a torch bearer, retaining an illustrious international reputation. The brilliance of this music is timeless and proven, so it’s somewhat puzzling to see that Hungarian adolescents have less and less interest in attending concerts.  

Hungarian Telekom, the long-term sponsor of classical music and the Budapest Festival Orchestra, recently took matters into its own hands with a solution that involved today’s youngsters’ favorite accessory – the smartphone. Hungarian Telekom tasked Isobar with creating a communication that would help engage new audiences and lure them into a classical performance. Isobar came back with digital posters of the Budapest Festival Orchestra that pedestrians could actually conduct using their phone as a baton.

As the video below illustrates, the orchestra follows the tempo of the conducting in real time. This interactive experience, while fun, also earned participants a discount for their next concert — a generous and gentle way of encouraging Hungary’s youth to explore its past. Each of the posters attracted an average of 600 passersby in a week’s time.

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