Installation of the Week: Superhero Suit Up


While Director Zack Snyder’s latest comic book CGI fest, the long-awaited Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, continues to nurse its wounds from lukewarm critical reviews and an embarrassing box-office drop-off following opening weekend, DC Comics and Posterscope have not lost optimism concerning the film’s European reception.

To help promote the blockbuster’s premiere week in Copenhagen, Posterscope Denmark and AFA JCDecaux turned a high-traffic bus shelter into an interactive campaign for starry-eyed kids of all ages to go full fanboy (or girl) while waiting curbside. As the video below illustrates, the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice digital installation actually allows passersby to become one of the two superheroes as the technology scans their faces and projects their visage into the suits of these larger-than-life characters.

Then, by adding their contact info directly into the digital poster using the touchscreen, participants are able to share pictures of themselves as either the Caped Crusader or The Man of Steel. After all, somewhere deep inside our proverbial Bruce Waynes and Clark Kents, we all have some kind of superhero itching to break out. Perhaps that’s also why people from around the world are willing to shell out hard-earned money for a seemingly endless stream of comic book franchise flicks while the legacy of 20th century cinema goes the way of fine arts and the major studio system continues its limp toward an inevitable demise.

IOW pic2-new DSC

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