Installation of the Week: The NBA All-Star ATM


Every year, the National Basketball Association (NBA) breaks for All-Star Weekend — a February festival featuring events, exhibitions and performances that culminates in the NBA All-Star Game held on Sunday night. This time around, the game was hosted at Air Canada Centre in Toronto where the Western Conference beat the East by 23 points. To help promote the festivities, official sponsor BMO Financial (Bank of Montreal) installed a 10-foot-tall ATM at its flagship location, First Canadian Place in Toronto. Of course, the vast majority of customers couldn’t reach the screen, and even if they could’ve, it wouldn’t have dispensed any real money. That wasn’t the point. The special ATM, designed in part by FCB Toronto and built to be the height of an NBA regulation hoop, had a clear message printed on its midsection: “The NBA All-Stars Are Coming.” NBA All-Star ATM 2 What this installation lacked in utility, it more than made up for in cleverness. The towering ATM is eye-catching and engaging at least in terms of advertising. And, as the photograph below illustrates, there was a normal, functional machine situated in place sight nearby. The campaign also inspired a decidedly less-than-serious thread on Reddit for those that are interested.

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