Integrated 360° Video Mapping Show Highlights Opening Ceremony of Turkmenistan’s Gyyanly Polymer Plant


For the opening ceremony of one of the biggest plants that converts natural gas to polymer, Hyundai Engineering’s Gyyanly Polymer Facility, Dreambox created the show concept, event area design and 360-degree Integrated Video Mapping.

Nominating Company: Dreambox, Istanbul, Turkey
Venue: Gyyanly Polymer Plant, Istanbul, Turkey
Project: Integrated 360° Video Mapping Show For Opening Ceremony of the Gyyanly Polymer Plant
Category: Venues

Turkmenistan’s national oil and gas company, Turkmengas, has implemented the Polymer Plant in Gyyanly, Turkmenistan on the East Coast of the Caspian Sea, and the plant came online in October 2018.

LG International, Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HEC) and Toyo Engineering are the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning contractors for the project. Gyyanly is very important for Turkmengas, so they were expecting a splendid show that integrated the plant facility itself, for the opening ceremony.

To create an immersive and gorgeous ceremony, Dreambox created an Integrated 360° Video Mapping show that included a 1:183 scale model of the plant. The president of Turkmenistan and important statesmen of several countries were among the participants.


Dreambox had only 30 days for all of the stages of the production; stage design, production of the scale model, modelling of the plant , 8 min. content, transportation of the materials, technical installations, tests, etc.

In Turkmenistan, the audience and the President sits face to face so they watch the content from two opposite angles. So our content had to be able to convey the same things and give the same feelings from every angle.

The place of the event was in a different country, and the construction of the event venue would be completed in the last four to five days.

As we projected the content on walls, corridors, floors and scale models to create an immersive experience, the implementation of the content was very difficult and complex. To understand the synchronization and integration, Dreambox couldn’t wait until the very last days to find a solution.

– For production of the scale model, the Dreambox team decided to combine two technics with their talented sculpture partners to reach the close deadline. Some parts were done by 3D printer, and some parts manually. Then, they combined several pieces.
-Because the implementation of the content on such a 360° platform was very difficult and Dreambox wanted to check it in every stage of the production, they modelled the place in VR to see the content and understand the integration of the content in the walls, the scale model, floor and the corridors. With VR, they had an experience that was close to a real one, and Dreambox experienced the show in their office before it took place in Turkmenistan.
-Around 130 artists, designers and technologists from seven different countries worked for the production to be able to create this extraordinary project in such a time.


The president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, other statesmen and all the participants were very satisfied with the result. Dreambox is now developing another big project in Turkmenistan in the energy sector.


Integrated 360° Video Mapping Show For Opening Ceremony of the Gyyanly Polymer Plant won a DSE 2019 APEX Award in the Venues category.

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