The Intel Experience Wows Best Buy Shoppers


The first and only shop-in-shop program of its kind, The Intel Experience at 50 Best Buy stores integrates several disparate, connected and interactive digital experiences. The program entices shoppers to attribute perceptions of innovation and technological advances to Intel, while creating a canvas for ongoing creative refreshes and up-to-the-minute messaging.

Nominating Company: DCI-Artform; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Venue: Intel (The Intel Experience at Best Buy); Hillsboro, Oregon
Project: The Intel Experience at Best Buy
Category: Retail

TIX at Best Buy

In order to introduce customers to the exciting things technology can do for them and capture their imaginations, Intel seeks to link its brand with innovation and, through this connection, drive increases in preference and purchase intent for Intel-based devices. The Intel Experience (TIX) will surprise and delight through immersive, engaging, intuitive experiences in Best Buy stores that tell robust stories and bring the “inside” technologies of Intel-powered devices to life. Success would be measured through positive brand feedback and attribution, quantity and quality of engagement, sharing of their experiences, Net Promoter Score and intent to purchase. On a broader, visionary scale, the TIX will relaunch the Intel brand as the chief innovator in their category, inspiring consumers to improve their device experiences and, as a result, their lives. The program, content and fixtures will be updated once per quarter for the next two years.

DCI-Artform was challenged to create a robust, dedicated and reliable network and integrate several devices and digital applications in order to manage content, enable social sharing and mobile integration and deliver shopper satisfaction given the limitations of retail and consumer technology. Furthermore, the program needed top-level training and labor execution management, as well as monitoring and customer service to know that all digital elements were working. The Intel team had clear KPIs, and DCI-Artform was asked to integrate data from several sources to establish an easy dashboard process for multiple stakeholders.

DCI-Artform utilized its LiveGuide content management system for monitoring, reporting and making ongoing updates to a custom-built network, value engineered fixtures, graphics and flooring to seamlessly enable and integrate the technology and networking, and developed the separate space within Best Buy to provide value for the shopper. The DCI-Artform R&D team ensured future-proof design embedded with bio recognition, beacon and analytic technologies. DCI-Artform managed installation and training, and established measurement schema to ensure ongoing metrics and reporting utilizing several innovative technologies such as Intel’s AIM Suite, sensors and cameras.

Zones = Animated Totems (integrating four 46-inch NEC ultra-thin bezel screens, Kinect cameras, custom content synching application and housing that meets durability and temperature needs of retail), Animated Table (immersive custom 84-inch capacitive touchtable with Galileo dev boards and 3D RealSense cameras), Play Table (three hardened tablets with custom augmented reality app), Product Table (running custom retail app on each device), Experience Bar (closed-loop 3D printer demo and companion experience on device)

The TIX is the centerpiece of the Best Buy shop-in-shop/showroom strategy, inviting shoppers to explore and discover experiences they can’t get online. The design elements, stunning content and seamless technology integration allow simple and intuitive, yet amazing engagements that bring “inside” technologies to life. The fixtures and LiveGuide content management solution work together to make the digital and technology stories the hero. All of the fixtures incorporated power, networking, security, storage and airflow as needed, as well as met strict ADA and seismic standards. Initial research indicated very strong brand attribution and intent to share/recommend and purchase, and systems ensure near-perfect uptime and compliance.

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