Intel Sponsored Webinar: Transforming Out-of-Home Mall Advertising with Esprit Digital and Intel


Date & Time: Thursday, October 5, 2017, 1:00 p.m. EDT


Summary: Replacing static poster signage with digital screens and pods provides brands with an opportunity for limitless creativity while offering live data and high levels of consumer engagement.  See how Esprit Digital helped transform the mall experience with indoor and outdoor digital signage.  Using Intel® vPro™ technology and additional remote management technologies, physical maintenance visits are virtually eliminated.  The rich 4K content on the screens provides an immersive experience for shoppers, and the data collected and analyzed by the screens provides a great return on investment for the mall.  Be sure to attend in order to hear the details and see how you can apply the same capabilities. 

Director Digital Signage and Kiosks Internet of Things Group Intel CorporationSpeaker Bios: Christie Rice is the segment director responsible for Intel’s digital signage and interactive kiosk business worldwide in the Internet of Things Group at Intel. In her role, she works to ensure that Intel technology meets the ever-changing needs of the digital signage market.  She also works closely with the broad and expanding ecosystem to help connect customers to technology providers and help promote solutions that provide the immersive and interactive experience that customers demand. Before assuming her current role, Rice’s 20 years at Intel included various technical, product, business development and marketing management positions across a broad range of products and segments including memory, PCs, storage, networking and IoT. Christie holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Dallas, a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University.

Peter Livesey picPeter Livesey is the co-founder and CEO of Esprit Digital, the company who invented and supplied DEPs for London Underground escalators 12 years ago. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength, designing, manufacturing and installing many of the world’s most iconic digital media networks for clients like Westfield, Virgin, JCDecaux, Gatwick and Heathrow. Assuming responsibility for business development, contracts and finance, Livesey spends most of his time promoting the company and building relationships with infrastructure owners and their advertising contractor partners around the globe. 90 percent of Esprit’s business now comes from outside the U.K. and last year he went with James Brenner, his partner, to Buckingham Palace to receive the Queen’s Award for International Trade.

‘There are many companies in the world who can put up a screen in a public place, but only a handful who can seamlessly integrate a large network of displays into a harsh commercial environment such as a metro, an airport or a major mall.’

High-performance components, expert thermal management and air filtration systems, precision metalwork and in-house assembly have been key to the success of the company. Continuous innovation incorporating the latest technologies within robust, contemporary designs has kept them ahead of the competition. In the mid-80s, Livesey was head of sales for a company that made the first-ever portable mobile phones before spending 15 years manufacturing and supplying bespoke LEDs for retail and industrial applications. All this despite leaving university to become a journalist and surviving just one year on Fleet Street and that was in the Evening Standard advertising department! Livesey is a self-confessed ‘speed freak,’ be it on four wheels or skis. He was the British Junior Backgammon Champion and still takes on all-comers, but live sport is his real passion. However, in his own words, “I am constantly challenged because all of the teams I support are serial heroic failures – Tottenham Hotpur in football and England in everything!”

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